The Sign of a Comeback! Ultra Instinct's Huge Explosion!!逆転の兆し!身勝手の極意が大爆発!!Gyakuten no kizashi! Migatte no gokui ga dai bakuhatsu!!

Script: Atsuhiro TomiokaDirector/Storyboard: Makoto SonodaAnimation Supervisors: Yoichi Onishi, Shuichiro ManabeiSource: Animedia

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Herms Summary

Kanzenshuu Link

Updated: Tournament of Power Wiki. Vegeta still MVP, by a hair; he's acquired one up on Goku.

Roster by /u/Vish-

The tribute at the end of DBS ep.116:

Hiromi Tsuru-san, who voiced the character “Bulma” in the Dragon Ball TV anime franchise for many type of years, has actually passed amethod.Tsuru-san gave her courage and also kindness to many world of all ages, and also we sincerely pray that she rests in peace.


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As cool as this scene was, does the inconsistency with Goku's Kamehameha blasts not bother anyone else? Why didn't it press him back? I could have the ability to understand also the use of host place, however flying is disabled so that shouldn't job-related. In previous episodes of Dragonsphere, Goku offered the Kamehameha as a sort of rocket engine to propel himself, when also firing one through his feet. So what's the deal?

This is way off topic yet I was we watching Dragonball Z and I just realized somepoint wasn't King Kai intended to be revived when they asked the dragon to revive everyone that was eliminated by the outcome of cell he must be alive still now I simply assumed that that was amazing bereason apparently he's still dead in super

What if Yamcha bags Kale? There's nobody else for him. I'm certain he's tired of stuffing Puar and Puar is tired of trying to hold a Bulma transformation and it's breath at the very same time. Consider them ship'd. Next up: Megan's Roshi.

No complaints from me. A exceptionally solid episode and we finally got rid of the tingly back saiyans. Animation was really good.

One point I've noticed throughout the ToP is, also though I mostly favor the Amerihave the right to cast even more, I reaaaaaaally like Frieza's voice actor.

You know...why don’t we see the damages from keflas assault on the stage? She need to have actually bore a giant tunnel with the entirety thing with that attack. It’s not prefer she fired it right into the air choose the first one.

Vegeta going to obtain UI attack side and then fuze with Goku to have attack and defense to beat Jiren.

i think freeza is going to recase the power he loaned Goku , thats why he is happy goku is gaining even more effective.

Frieza shelp he still requirements Goku to win for him, so he won't be doing that.

Also, energy doesn't work choose that. He can't just sap power.

So... it shows up "Hit is still in the ring" is the new "Tobi is Obito". Let's see just how it goes this time...

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