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Clinical Infectious Diseases, Volume 73, Issue 1, 1 July 2021, Pperiods e274–e275,
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To the Editor—With good anticipation we check out the recently publiburned ahead-of-print guidance on the therapy of antimicrobial resistant gram-negative infections by Tamma et al <1>. It is a very timely, well composed, and helpful document. However, we noticed the sustaining recommendation for the statement: “Doxycycline is not recommfinished for the therapy of extfinished spectrum beta-lactamase—Enterobacterales (ESBL-E) cystitis due to limited urinary excretion,” on page 6. We carry out not assistance this statement as approximately 35%–60% of an oral dose of 100 mg of doxycycline dose is excreted unadjusted right into the urine <2>. The concentrations of doxycycline adhering to a 100 mg oral...

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