This is the second single from Counattempt music singer Luke Bryan"s 3rd album, Tailgateways and Tanlines. Bryan penned the song through Dallas Davidboy, Rhett Akins and also Ben Hayslip.

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The Shaun Silva directed music video finds Bryan illustrating a Country music star who falls for a brand-new girl in tvery own, while he is house from the road. "I pulled out some old theater skills from earlier in the high college days," the singer said about his function.Actress and version Cameron Richardson plays Bryan"s love interest. You might understand her from her duty as Chloe Carter on the CBS murder mystery tv series Harper"s Island also.
Sassist Bryan regarding this song in a radio interview: "I love the melody. I mean, all that melody is simply really sort of cool there. A buddy of mine sort of shelp it best. He sassist, "Luke, it sounds, you understand, a track, it"s like The Cure or somepoint." It"s more than likely the furthest I"ve went from a country-sounding track ever before. It"s really not a country track. But then you got my old nation voice on it and also that"ll simmer dvery own the a lot of craziest of tracks. So it"s fun to have that sort of music behind it."
Luke Bryan didn"t want the Amerihave the right to Counattempt Awards ceremony to end in 2012 as he took home salso honors, including Artist of the Year and Single of the Year for this song.
Dancing In The DarkBruce Springsteenager

Before she was renowned on Friends, Courteney Cox danced on stage through Bruce Springsteenager in his "Dancing In The Dark" video.

GodTori Amos

In the song "God," Tori Amos renders the suggest that if there"s God, tright here need to likewise be a Goddess bereason tbelow are no male-only species.

White ChristmasBing Crosby

"White "Christmas" was so renowned that Bing had to re-record the song five years after the original 1942 recording bereason the original masters had been worn out from all the pressings. This is the variation that came to be a holiday legacy.

Don"t You Want MeThe Human League

Phil Oacrucial recorded his vocals for "Don"t You Want Me" in the studio bathroom. The recording was disrupted by guitarist Jo Callis reaching through an open up home window from exterior to repeatedly flush one of the toilets.

Void OddityDavid Bowie

David Bowie"s "Gap Oddity" tells the story of an astronaut who cuts off communication and floats into space. The BBC offered it generally in their coverage of the 1969 moon landing - an odd choice considering the lyrics.

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James Brown"s "Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine" was the initially Hot 100 hit via the word "sex" in the title.

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