My granddaughter has Frozen fever! Yep, it"s her favorite movie and she knows eextremely song in the movie. Although it was first released in 2013, it remains her all-time favorite. You can purchase or rent the movie,Frozen (2013)
I recognize so many type of folks choose to sing, Let It Go at the peak of their lungs! lol As you can watch in the above photo, she got Olaf for a Christmas existing from her uncle.Do You Want To Build a Snowman? is one more fun song to sing and play at the piano.

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The song is simple to play in C significant and also I have the chords listed listed below in D, which you deserve to purchase the entire song list from the songbook,Frozen: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack (Piano/Vocal/Guitar) (Piano, Vocal, Guitar Songbook)
Chords & Lyrics: Do You Want To Build A Snowman?Kristen Anderson-Lopez and also Robert LopezKey: D MajorTime: 4/4 Moderately FastIntroD G (4xs)Little Anna: (Spoken) Elsa? (knocks)

Dsus GDo you desire to build a snowman? D D/F#Come on let"s go and also playD C/EI never watch you anyeven more EmCome out the door, DmIt"s choose you"ve gone ameans G/B CWe offered to be best buddies BmAnd currently we"re not F#7 B7 EmI wish you would tell me why A7 AmDo you want to develop a snowman? Cm6/EbIt doesn"t need to be a SnowmanYoung Elsa: (Spoken) Go ameans, Anna GToddler Anna: Okay, byeEb G/D // Eb G/D // G // C // Eb< Tab from: > D GDo you wanna build a snowman? D/F#Or ride our bike around the halls C/EI think some company is overdue Em Dm I"ve started talking to the photos on the walls(Hang in there, Joan) G CIt gets a tiny lonely G/B All these empty rooms B7 EmJust watching the hrs tick by(Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock)A // Eb // Cm/G // Eb // G // Cm7 // Gm/BbD/A // Cm7 // Gm/Bb // F/A // Cm7 // Gm/D Eb // D G/DPlease, I understand you"re in tright here D/F#People are asking where you"ve been C/EThey say have actually courage, and I"m trying to Em BmI"m right out below for you, simply let me in CWe just have actually each various other D/F# GIt"s just you and meF#m7 Em A7What are we gonna do? G/B C D G Em C/G Em C/G G Do you wanna build a snowman?© 2013 Wonderland Music Company kind of, Inc.Frozen on YouTubeOnline ChordsElsa?(Knocking) CDo you want to construct a snowman? G/BCome on lets go and also play F/AI never see you anymore AmCome out the door Gm - CIt’s choose you’ve gone away- FWe offered to be best buddies CAnd now we’re not E7sus/B E7/B Am - DI wish you would certainly tell me why!- DmDo you desire to construct a snowman? Fm/AbIt doesn’t need to be a snowguy.Go away, Anna COkay, bye… CDo you desire to develop a snowman? G/BOr ride our bikes roughly the halls F/AI think some agency is overdue AmI’ve started talking to Gm - Cthe photos on the walls-(Hang in there, Joan!) FIt gets a small lonely C/EAll these empty rooms, E E7/D Am/C - DJust watching the hours tick by-(Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock)Dm - Fm/Ab - C(Knocking)Elsa? CPlease, I know you’re in there, G/BPeople are asking where you’ve been F/AThey say “have courage”, and also I’m trying to Am EmI’m right out here for you, just let me in FWe only have actually each various other G/B CIt’s just you and meE7sus/B E7/B Am - DWhat are we gonna do?Do you desire to develop a snowman? - C/E F - F G - C easy-piano-let-it-go-frozen*affiliate links in post*Happy singing and playing in cold weather.... brrrr! (or wherever before you are!)

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