Group: Chapter 4 - Mastering the Source

Starting Map: Reaper"s Coast

The quickest way to start this quest is to go to the basement of the Mordus house and find Ornate Skull embedded in the wall.

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Desiccated Undead (Outside 2)Reaper"s Coast

1. Other Secret

The dwarven thugs mentioned the possibility of another hidden door in the cellar of Mordus" house. We should explore it thoroughly.

2. Skull Lock

Find and try to use the Ornate Skull.

We have found an ornate skull embedded in the wall. It seems to be missing one of its yellow gemstone eyes.

3. Found Eye Gem

You need to find Glowing Eye. It can be found inside the Velvety Pouch that can be found in the corpse of Dead Dwarf.

We have acquired an unusual gem, decorated to look like an eyeball.

3.1. Found Other Secret

We placed the eyeball gem into the ornate skull - a secret passageway was revealed to we. We must see what lies beyond.

5. Found Puzzle

To open the locked door you need to step on or put something on the five plates. You can use the vases. If you have Spirit Vision then you can cast it to see the correct pattern.

We found a strange puzzle of glyphes and pressures plates. What could possibly need such elaborate protection...?

Correct solution of the puzzle

There are 16 plates, press plates marked with X.





6. Met Lich

Enter the crypt and talk to Desiccated Undead.

We have found a strange crypt, unlike anything we"ve else seen in Driftwood. A skeletal creature is being held captive within it - a Lich.

6.2. Lich Tale

The Lich told us that it was Mordus" prisoner. Mordus was feeding off its Source, subjecting it to great pain in the process.

7. Freed Lich

Press the green button (the second one from the left) on the Console. It will free the Lich and summon five skeletons (lvl 12). The Lich will fight beside you.

After the fight he will give you a skillbook and then teleports away.

A master? Ask if he can teach you Source skills. - Provoke Skillbook (Warfare 2)Tell him to wait a moment. You deserve an explanation for all of this! - Provoke Skillbook (Warfare 2)Necromancy - Infect Skillbook (Necromancer 2)Geomancy - Mend Metal Skillbook (Geomancer 2)Hunting - Ballistic Shot Skillbook (Huntsman 2)Rogue - Sleeping Arms Skillbook (Scoundrel 2)Warrior - Whirlwind Skillbook (Warfare 2)

We freed the Lich from its bondage. It quickly fled, professing to be hungry...

8. Lich Eating

Go to Desiccated Undead (Outside). The fight will start. At some point you will be able to choose: spare or kill him.

We came across the Lich, feasting on corpses along Reaper"s Bluffs.

8.1. Spared Lich

We spared the creature and allowed it to finish its meal. Maybe there"s something in this for us...

8.2. Killed Lich

We killed the Lich.

9. Lich Child

Desiccated Undead (Outside 2)

While exploring Cloisterwood, we encountered the Lich once more. This time, we found it gorging itself on the corpses of children.

9.1. Killed Lich

In his corpse you will find Xhaxh"s Staff of Parasitic Decay.

We killed the Lich.

9.2. Cache Shown

We allowed the Lich to continue feasting. Now fully strengthened, it retrieved its Soul Jar and left us the remainder of its cache. What will we find there...?

10. Lich Eating First

We came upon a skeletal creature - a Lich - along Reaper"s Bluffs, feasting on corpses

11. Lich Child First

We encountered a skeletal creature - a Lich - in the Cloisterwood. It appeared to be feeding on the corpse of a child...

12. Fed Lich S P

We gave the Lich some Source. It offered to show us its cache.

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