The Silent One, Divinity Original Sin 2 Silent As The Grave, The Silent One

Group: Chapter 4 – Mastering the Source

Starting Map: Reaper”s Coast

This quest will be added to your journal after you uncover the entrance To Bloodmoon Vault #2 located under the Blazing Sculpture.

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1. Open Seal

To uncover the entrance to the vault located under the Blazing Sculpture, you must first read the book called Ornate Hymnal. Only the character with Scholar talent will be able to understand what is written in it.

We broke the seal of the Blazing Sculpture, revealing a way into a hidden vault.

2. Enter Vault

We have entered a vault that lies beneath a blazing sculpture. What lies within…?

3. Talked Priest Vault #2

Talk to Spirit of Brother Morgan.

We met the spirit of Brother Morgan, who had been guarding a possessed little girl in the vaults. He asked us to help her if we could.

4. Book Kid

Go To the Archive and find Medical Report. Read it.

We read a book reporting on the failed exorcism of a child. It seems that the demonic parasite was too strong, and that all traces of the child”s soul seemed to have faded from sight.

5. Used Lever

Try to use Lever (Vault #2).

Some sort of force is preventing us from using the lever. We”ll need to figure out just what it is that is hindering us.

6. Brother Persuaded

Try to convince Spirit of Brother Morgan to open the door and let you in. You should promise him that you will take the girl with you.

We persuaded the spirit of Brother Morgan to let us enter the inner chamber of the vault.

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7. Brother SV

If persuasion fails, you will have to consume the source of the ghost.

One of us consumed the Source of Brother Morgan”s spirit, ending his control over the lever that controls the inner chamber of the vault.

8. Kid Met

Go to the next room and talk to Possessed Kid.

We found a catatonic little girl lying the heart of the vault, bound by otherworldly chains attached to four pillars. Her undead cat, Buttons, remained at her side.

Buttons does not allow you to get close to his lady. You have to convince him to let you do that, or kill him.

9. Destroyed Pillars

Destroy all pillars.

We destroyed the pillars that held the catatonic little girl.

10. Took Kid

Talk to the girl and teleport her to the Lady Vengeance.

We decided to bring the little girl back to the Lady Vengeance. Perhaps it will be possible to banish the evil entity that lurks within her at a later stage.

10.1. Quest Reward

Talk to Spirit of Brother Morgan again.

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