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Distance and also aircraft form by airline for from Baltimore/Wash international Thurgood Marshall Airport to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta global Airport.

Each month over there are number of airlines the offer straight indigenous Baltimore (BWI) to Atlanta (ATL). Amongst the optimal airlines the consistently carry out BWI to ATL include:Spirit airlines - (NK) through 30 straight in between Baltimore and Atlanta monthlySouthwest airlines - (WN) v 210 straight between BWI and also ATL monthlyDelta wait Lines - (DL) v 270 direct in between Baltimore and Atlanta monthlyAmerican airline - (AA) through 270 direct in between BWI and also ATL monthly
The full flight duration time from Baltimore (BWI) to Atlanta (ATL) is typically 6 hours 39 minutes. This is the typical non-stop trip time based upon historical for this route. Throughout this period travelers deserve to expect to fly around 938 miles, or 1,510 kilometers.
With 4 various airlines operation in between Baltimore and also Atlanta, there are, ~ above average, 780 per month. This equates to about 182 per week, and also 26 per day from BWI to ATL.
American airlines - (AA) lists, on average, 7 departing prior to 12:00pm, wherein the very first departure indigenous BWI is at 06:06AM and the critical departure prior to noon is at 11:50AM Southwest airline - (WN) lists, top top average, 2 departing prior to 12:00pm, whereby the an initial departure from BWI is in ~ 07:10AM and the critical departure before noon is in ~ 10:30AM Delta waiting Lines - (DL) has about 6 before noon, starting with the earliest at 05:35AM PST and also the recent 11:25AM PST
There are about 3 Southwest airline in between 12pm PST and also 6pm PST, beginning at 12:05PM PST and the last afternoon flight at 05:40PM PST.There are around 1 American airlines in between 12pm PST and 6pm PST, beginning at 03:40PM PST and the last afternoon flight at 03:40PM PST.There are around 2 Delta wait Lines in between 12pm PST and 6pm PST, beginning at 01:15PM PST and also the critical afternoon flight at 04:40PM PST.
How many evening are at this time on sale from Baltimore/Wash international Thurgood Marshall Airport come Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta worldwide Airport?
Spirit airlines - (NK) perform 1 straight nighttime on median from Baltimore come Atlanta.Delta air Lines - (DL) with about 1 finish of day booked between BWI and also ATL indigenous 6:00pm to 11:00pm.American airline - (AA) list 1 direct nighttime on typical from Baltimore come Atlanta.Southwest airline - (WN) with about 1 end of day scheduled between BWI and ATL indigenous 6:00pm come 11:00pm.
The calculated straight line flying street from BWI airport come ATL airport is 938 miles, or 1,510 kilometers.

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