Dead Cells How To Get To Slumbering Sanctuary ? How Do I Reach Slumbering Sanctuary

Note: This page has been updated to include content from the Legacy Updateand Rise of the Giant free DLC.

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Items of interest
Scrolls of Power 2
2-Stat Scrolls 1
Scroll Fragments 2 (3BC), 3 (4-5BC)
Runes Yes – Spider Rune
Time Door No
Alternate Exits 3 – Clock Tower, Forgotten Sepulcher and Cavern

The Slumbering Sanctuary area is accessible from either the Black Bridge (Boss) or Insufferable Crypt (Boss) areas. It requires the Spider Rune to access from the former, and no special runes from the latter.

Note: For entering the Slumbering Sanctuary area for the first time, you’ll earn the ‘Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory’ Achievement/Trophy.

The Slumbering Sanctuary is a unique region in that initially, it will be sleeping, or turned off. Several orange doors will block your path and funnel you towards a mini-boss fight and the Spider Rune. Following this fight, you’ll find a switch that will activate the Slumbering Sanctuary (which we’ll need to do to reach an exit), the area will undergo a bit of a colour swap and the types of enemies encountered throughout the level will change.


The best way to fight this fellow if you aren’t too confident in melee attacking him is to make use of traps/grenades (Fire Grenades that spread flames across the floor and shooting traps such as Double Crossb-o-matic or Sinew Slicer are good) and deploy them as frequently as possible. Allow them to dish out the damage on the boss whilst you primarily focus on dodging/avoiding his projectile attacks and the melee attacks of his summoned allies. Watch for the exclamation mark above his head and roll as required.

Defeat him and looting the Spider Rune from his corpse.
Note: For finding and collecting the Spider Rune, you’ll earn the ‘Incy Wincy…’ Achievement/Trophy.


There is a large number of enemy types in the Slumbering Sanctuary and the types that you initially encounter will change completely after interacting with the pedestal switch once you have acquired the Spider Rune. Unfortunately, this will also significantly increase the difficulty of the enemies you encounter. For more information on enemies and how to beat them, check out our Enemy Types, Locations and Behaviours section. The enemies in the Slumbering Sanctuary include the following:Before activating the pedestal switch:

ZombieCasterShieldbearerCatcherMaskerGolemGrenadierInquisitorProtectorKnife Thrower (appears only in 1-5BC)Bombardier (appears only in 2-5BC)Rampager (appears only in 3-5BC)Cannibal (appears only in 4-5BC)Demon (appears only in 4-5BC)


In addition to the hostile inhabitants, there are a number of different hazards in this biome which can make your passage through a little more difficult. These include a number of traps including:

Spikes – You’ll find spikes mounted on the ground, ceilings and walls. Touching these will inflict some serious damage, so steer clear! Jump over the spikes on the ground, avoid those on walls and roll beneath ceiling mounted spikes as required.

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Swinging Spikes – These traps consist of a chain at a central location and a spiked ball rotating around it in a circular fashion. Touching the spiked ball will damage you, so time your platforming jumps to avoid contact.Collapsing Platforms – The Ancient Sewer features platforms made up of circular golden discs. These will collapse shortly after stepping on them and as they are often positioned above spikes or yellow death fluid, you’ll need to watch your step.Blade Launchers – These appear as small metal boxes mounted on walls/ceilings. Once the Sanctuary is active, they will shoot circular blades in the direction that they are facing periodically.


As with every other map in the game, there are several points of interest that can appear in the Slumbering Sanctuary. As with the other zones, some of these ‘events’ provide useful items, others lead to secret areas but more often than not, they provide a few items to examine that offer nothing of any material interest to our character, but do issue a touch of backstory. Note that they will change each time you enter the Slumbering Sanctuary so not all available events may be present each playthrough, but we have tried to list as many as we could find.

Note: As the game creates a fresh version of the level each time you play it, there may be some events that we have not discovered yet. If we are missing one, please either edit the guide or leave a note in the comment section at the bottom of the page so that we can include it.
Elite Enemies – Several Elite enemy types can spawn in this dungeon. Kill them for multiple Cells and a Colourless (highest level) weapon/amulet/shield with some useful abilities (reduced damage, extra mid-air jumps etc.)Chemistry Lab – Occasionally you’ll find a room containing a table filled with flasks and other chemistry-related goodies. This comes along with a Grimoire we can read for some information and some crates to inspect.Cell Jar – One of the three orange doors that unlock once you activate the sanctuary will often contain a jar filled with Cells.

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Boss Cell Doors: If you are in 1 Boss Cell level or more you can find the Boss Cell doors and find various goodies like: gold chest, cells, gear altar, cursed chest, shops, etc. Be sure to check them out!

Area Blueprints

In addition to the randomly dropped Blueprints that have a chance of appearing throughout the level, there is also a Blueprint that will appear in a hidden area. You can find it in the following location:

Blueprint: Tough Nut – This Mutation blueprint can be found halfway up a long, vertical shaft in a small secret hidden room built into its side. Climb the shaft until you see the Blueprint. Requires the Spider Rune to access.


The Slumbering Sanctuary area has three different exits that can be used to reach new biomes. Note that the Slumbering Sanctuary must be active in order for the gates to open so that you can proceed to the areas with the exits. These include doorways leading to:


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