The Date A Live series attributes plenty of girls that are beautiful and have the right to additionally kick your butt. Give a look at these girls in GIF form execute their best (or worst!).


The Date A Live series, by Koushi Tachibana, has Shiexecute Itsuka attempt to seal exceptionally solid spirits by "dating" them, and also then kissing them when their affection for him is allowable. Because being adapted into an anime, 22 TV episodes have actually showcased why the girls are hard to get -- they have the right to seriously kick your butt.

Tooka Yatogami (Princess)

For instance, the Princess, or Shido's major love interest in the series, have the right to kick your butt. She may be obsessed with kinako breview...

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...however you'd ideal not send her emotionally over the edge!


Origami Tobiichi


One of the top members of the Anti-Spirit Team, she loves Shido sufficient to fight to save him.



Let's simply say if you make the puppet angry, you have actually no possibility at actually gaining to the girl.

Kurumi Tokisaki

If you ask Kurumi to execute somepoint, she could do it for you, or she might just execute whatever before she desires to your hinderance.

Like shoot herself.


Kotori Itsuka


The foster sister of Shiperform, she loves her brother a the point that she'll burn you if you're not careful!

Kagura Yamai

Kagura has actually sister issues, yet it's not till she meets Shido that she addresses sassist worries -- though it does take some even more battling.

Yuzuru Yamai

Even through her weird method of speaking, you'd ideal not speak to Yuzuru out on that or she'll make you pay!

Miku Izayoi

A previous idol that quit the company, Miku absolutely hates guys, and one wrong relocate and she'll make you perform what she desires...whether you want to or out.

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And she doesn't need to wield a weapon, unmuch less a voice is considered a weapon!

All of these girls are pretty great, but it's recommfinished that you don't anger them, or you'll find yourself feeling sore in a hurry.