The 3 forms of equations that are offered to represent the chemical reaction are as follows:

1. Molecular equation

2. Total ionic equation

3. Net ionic equation

The reactants and also assets remajor in undissociated form in molecular equation. In the case of full ionic equation, all the ions that are dissociated and also present in the reactivity mixture are stood for while in the instance of net or as a whole ionic equation just the useful ions that participate in the reactivity are stood for.

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The procedures to create the overall ionic reactivity are as follows:

Tip 1. Write the molecular equation for the reaction via the phases in the bracket.

In the reactivity, NaI reacts via

to form NaOH and HI. The well balanced molecular equation of the reaction is as follows:


Step2. Dissociate all the compounds via the aqueous phase to create the complete ionic equation. The compounds through solid and liquid phase remajor very same. The complete ionic equation is as follows:


Step3. The common ions on both the sides of the reactivity acquire cancelled out to gain the all at once ionic equation.


Because of this, the in its entirety ionic equation obtained is as follows:


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* NaI (aq) → Na⁺ (aq) + I⁻(aq)


1) The formula of sodium iodide is NaI

2) Due to the good electronegativities of sodium (Na) and iodine (I), sodium iodide is a ionic compound.

3) Ionic compounds dissociate in water to create the corresponding ions. In this instance, given that I has actually the greatest electronegativity, the ions are Na⁺ and I⁻ .

4) When you compose the ionic equation, you have to take right into account, the variety of ions per unit formula and also the phases.

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So, in this situation, the species are in water solutions, this is aqueous solutions. Then you usage the symbol aq to indicate the aqueous phase.