Rather Than Columbus Day In Spanish Speaking World, Columbus Day

Mexico & Spanish Countries Celebrate “Dia de la Raza”

Each year on October 12, the world celebrates Columbus Day, his “discovery” of the Americas, and how he claimed these lands for the spread of Christianity.Undoubtedly, Europeans contributed greatly to the development of the “New World.”

But, the arrival of Columbus has a very different meaning to the Indigenous people in the Americas, Africa, and Asia, who lost their lands, who died from foreign diseases, who were enslaved, and whose cultures were almost destroyed.

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The Story of Columbus and Manifest Destiny Teaches Superiority Over Others

The story of Columbus and the doctrine of “manifest destiny” is one of the first lessons taught to many children in the Americas. Stories refer to the Indigenous, non-Christian cultures as “heathens” and “barbarians,” and the story of “manifest destiny” teaches that some people are superior to others.


Spanish Countries Celebrate “Dia de la Raza” – Day of the Race


Insteadof celebrating Columbus Day, many Spanish-speaking countries and communitiescelebrate Día de la Raza, or Day of the Race onOctober 12th.

This holiday celebrates and honors the many countries and people that were conquered by Spain and other European explorers. It is a day of recognition and honor to the people, traditions, and cultures that were destroyed due to European colonization.

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“Día de la Raza,” is celebrated in Spanish-speaking countries like Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Uruguay. Many countries have given the day other names, such as Hispanic Heritage Day in Spain, or Respect to Cultural Diversity Day in Argentina, or Indigenous Resistance Day in Nicaragua and Venezuela.

A “Día de la Raza” Celebration inPuerto Vallarta, Mexico

By:brentalanfuller, YouTube

Hispanic Heritage Day in Madrid, Spain

By: Ricardo Ian, YouTube, Published October 19, 2011

Día de Raza in Santiago, Chile

By: Michael Hanrahan, YouTube, Published November 19, 2014

Some US States and Cities Now Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day

In the United States, Columbus Day is a national holiday and is observed by the federal government and a majority of states. But, there are some states and cities that have eliminated the holiday replacing it with Indigenous Peoples Day. Over 25 cities in the U.S.A. that have replaced the holiday with indigenous celebrations.

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It’s Time to Teach the Truth about History and Respect for All People!

“Dia de la Raz,” – Day of the Race is a time for teaching respect, dignity, and the inclusion of all people in our global society. This holiday should serve to remind all people in all countries throughout the Americas about the history and current challenges and conditions that Indigenous people are facing still to this day.


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