Code Vein is filled via intense boss battles that’ll require the finest of your abilities to beat. While making your way through the Cathedral of Sacred Blood, at the very end you’ll fight the terrifying Successor of the Ribcage. This boss has a flurry of attacks, so here’s how to beat the Successor of the Ribcage in Code Vein.

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How to Beat Successor of the Ribcage in Code Vein

Before we jump into our walkthrough for the boss we must note, you actually need to fight Successor of the Ribcage twice in a row. After you beat it the first time the boss will certainly regenerate in a cutscene, and also its strikes will get faster and even more intense.

The excellent news, but, is that the boss regenerating stays across your fatality. This indicates if you die in the second fight you won’t have to go and also perform the initially fight over, you simply should beat it another time aget.

Preparing For Battle

The Successor of the Ribcage is a largely stationary boss in Code Vein that doesn’t cause any type of condition effects, yet supplies multiple elemental strikes. Therefore, equip a Blood Veil that rises your resistance to fire, ice, or lightning, or all 3.

Go through a build that provides melee weapons as the Successor is pretty weak to weapon damage, yet you’ll have actually a difficult time through ranged elemental strikes.

Do not select Mia as a companion, as the boss can literally kill her in one attack due to her low endurance. Instead, go via either Louis or Yakumo, as both can buff you and cause good damages.

Past all that, you can pretty a lot go via whatever before Blood Code and develop you want, although for our playvia we found it excellent to have a quick and agile character.

Successor of the Ribcage’s Attacks

Successor of the Ribcage will stay stationary for the entirety fight, yet it will teleport from one finish of the room to the various other. Now let’s go over strikes to watch out for.

The first assault the boss will launch is a tri-beam made of lightning that sweeps from left to appropriate. You can’t hide behind the pillars, yet it’s basic enough to dodge under it. When the boss summons purple lightning orbs sheight attacking and also emphasis on dodging. You deserve to hide behind the pillars to soptimal the orbs or simply dodge them.Similarly, the Successor of the Ribcage will periodically launch an ice storm at you. For this strike either hide behind the pillar or simply block it. You won’t be able to dodge this attack incredibly well, so simply minimize the damages. Later in the fight the boss will certainly make giant red spheres appear that roam around the battlefield. Dodge the spheres and also obtain in close, as the closer you are the less likely they are to hit you. When the location roughly the Successor starts glowing red immediately back away, as it’s around to launch a fire explosion that’ll take away nearly all your health and wellness. The boss can also launch pillars of fire alengthy the ground in any type of direction, so just store an eye out for the outline of the assault on the ground when the boss is readying it.

Beating Successor of the Ribcage

The initially battle through the Successor of the Ribcage in Code Vein isn’t also hard, but the second one will certainly amp things up.

Use the pillars as cover to dodge the boss’ attacks, and close in on it. Like we sassist previously, the boss is weak to melee assaults so obtain up close and launch a few before backing amethod as soon as it counterassaults.

Make certain to watch out for that huge fire blast as it have the right to really execute some damages. A excellent alternative in this fight is to equip a Gift like Blow of Madness (Berserker Blood Code), to increase the damages of your next assault, and also then use it with an attack Gift prefer Triple Annihilator.

Like through the majority of bosses in Code Vein, don’t overcontinue to be your welcome via your assaults. Use a couple of combos then back off to acquire your bearings.

Use a couple of Ichor Concentrate items to make certain you can cause maximum damage whenever you cshed in on the boss.

You’ll mainly want to keep your partner alive as they’ll draw aggro from the boss for you, so make certain to heal them if they require it.

Once the second battle starts use even more caution, yet the same strategy. In this fight the boss will start utilizing two of its strikes at when. Advance more slowly making sure to dodge, yet still acquire in close to cause maximum damage.

Ultimately, the boss will go down, and don’t be afraid to switch out your Blood Code if you find one isn’t functioning.

That’s whatever you should know around how to beat the Successor of the Ribcage in Code Vein.

For also more tips, tricks, and also guides on Code Vein, make sure to search Twboundless.

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