This is the age variety which I used to battle to buy gifts for – Babies & Toddlers. Newborns don’t really require anything various other than Milk, Nappies, andbaby grows yet we can’t not buy them presents can we? and also Toddlers room at the strangeinbetweenage where you yes, really aren’t sure what lock likeor need.

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Here room a few of the presents I’ve been looking at for family members and friends which may provide you a small idea or a helping hand this Christmas.


This toy has recently been reintroduced through Galt Toys. This above bird designed bathtub toy was very first designed by brother toy designer Patrick Rylands in 1969. The an easy design contributed to Patrick being the youngest human being to ever win the battle each other of Edinburgh’s Prize for Elegant Design; now known as the Prince Philip designers Prize.
A very basic design through no relocating parts, buttons or gadgets, this is getting earlier to the basics and also using her own creativity to produce the funny – after every bath time is often about relaxing and also winding under for the day, also for children. TheBird has actually very simple smooth shapes that are simple for small hands to grasp with a comforting and also tactile quality, with just eyes because that decoration. Based on Eskimo bone piece in the british Museum, the bathtub toy consists of internal ballasts keeping them perfect upright together they bob and float in water.

My friend Freddie Bear – £39.99 (currently on market from Amazon

for £17.58)

My girlfriend Freddy be afflicted with is the bear who really knows your child!

Download the totally free app to an iOS or Android smart an equipment and kind in all sorts that information about the child and also their family members to lug him to life. He can then speak to lock calling castle by name, he will certainly then recognize their brother and sisters names, your favourite foods, favourite colour and also TV shows.

Little ones will certainly be amazed the their bear knows all about them! The application includes too many of activities with counting, colours, animals and an ext which flourish in intricacy over time together the child develops. Once not linked to a smart machine Freddy bear is a lovely, cuddly teddy who will talk as soon as he’s cuddled, tipped upside down, or thrown in the air!

He asks for cuddles and to it is in turned increase the correct means if the is upside down. He yes, really is a cute teddy, Harry has actually this and also he is yes, really taken v him cuddling him at every opportunities. He offers Speech-to-Text an innovation so he sounds a little robotic, Freddy bear reads the end one word in ~ a time and uses very few pre-recorded sentences. Accessible from Argos, Amazon

, john Lewis, Hamleys, toys R Us and many other retailers.

Requires 3 x AA batteries, not included

Hey Duggee Club residence Playset

– £19.99 (Currently on market for £9.99)

Airing on CBeebies, Hey Duggee is the new pre-school series that promotes fun, exercise, learning and even much more fun! The show is based about a children’s after school group dubbed The Squirrel Club, which loveable dog Duggee is leader of and provides a safe and also fun place for children to explore, learn and earn activity badges.

This colourful playset, based upon the Squirrel club allows tiny ones to have actually their an extremely own exciting “Hey Duggee” adventures! Perfect because that imaginative play, youngsters will love re-creating stories and also scenes from the display helping to inspire their creative thinking through pretend play and build confidence. Over there is an easel, table, occupational bench and Duggee figurine. All accessories are loose to allow little ones to location each item helping to promote hand come eye coordination! Perfect because that an different to a dolls house for young children.

Hey Duggee Woof Woof Duggee Soft Toy

– £24.99 (currently on offer for £20.00)

The loveable dog Duggee native the CBeebies show, Hey Duggee is the leader of the Squirrel society which is a ar designed to provide a safe and also fun place for kids to explore, learn and earn task badges.

The Woof Woof Duggee Soft Toy functions four embroidered badges and also each one activates a different sound, expression or theme tune from the show! girlfriend can also pat Duggee top top the head to hear the funny woof woof sounds.

With super-soft textured fabrics and fun floppy ears Woof Woof Duggee Soft Toy is the perfect friend for cuddling time, play time and adventure time!

Duggee also comes with 2 child-safe feature badges i m sorry clip onto children clothes – these have the right to be offered as rewards or as an motivation to knife Duggee badges! Approx. Size. 30cm and comes v batteries included.

Travel System– this is the Hauck Viper Trio 3 in 1 Travel system from Online4Babycurrently on market for £189.95 (down indigenous £319.95)

Obviously this is an ext a gift because that parents or parents-to-be but as these bigger yet necessary items are more expensive the is frequently the case that theymay require saving increase for.

I understand when i was pregnant with Emmy the smaller sized items such as baby bouncers, bedding, clothes and also toys were available as gifts or i was maybe to acquisition straight away together they were relatively cheap yet the large ones such as my take trip system and also cot necessary to it is in budgeted for.

I was an extremely lucky in that my wonderful parental purchased Emmy’s because that me as soon as I discovered one I want on EBay. I opted for a travel mechanism as it make financial and also practical sense, it was easy have actually the vehicle seat which attached straight to the frame, this make popping come the shops quicker and easy or to the physicians etc.

You may not desire to buy the totality of this gift yourself yet perhaps money towards the device of their selection would really help a family members member, there space of course lots to choose from.

Baby gentle Massage Oil, 125ml, £11.00

Sweet almond oil, provided for its tenderness skin-softening properties, is the signature ingredient in this non-greasy, easily absorbed formulation. Beautiful packaged in straightforward to usage mess-free pump. Massage not only helps parents and also their baby bond through skin top top skin contact, however it also soothes your baby and is an important addition come a baby’s night time regime. It leaves your baby and also you feeling relaxed, permitting you both come drift off right into a deep and calming sleep.

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Baby Milestone cards

An adorable collection of photocards to aid mark and also capture distinct moments and milestones in your babies life –markingthe weeks to months, very first smile, very first tooth, an initial steps and many much more – these make wonderful gifts for parents of newborns. This cards space also accessible for toddlers with older milestones printed ~ above them.