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Charlotte County Zip Code: Address Count Widget

Use the Count Widget listed below to view the total number of addresses within zip codes. You deserve to also acquire a failure of the number of Residential Addresses versus Company Addresses. In addition, the results display residential property types: Single Family Homes, Apartments and also Trailers.

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Zip CodeSingle Family HomesApartmentsTrailersBusinessesTotalCity
3392757001572 El Jobean, FL
3393840700228635 Port Charlotte, FL
3394615455511761952467Rotonda West, Placida, Cape Haze, FL
3394754039110376351Rotonda West, FL
339487587103705409164Port Charlotte, Murdock, FL
3394952900282811Port Charlotte, FL
3395094384574103399816043 Punta Gorda, Acline, Cleveland also, Charlotte Park, Solana, FL
33951863003371200Punta Gorda, FL
33952131692034074415947Port Charlotte, FL
33953344935113444145North Port, El Jobean, FL
33954420860202695079North Port, FL
3395543421036527986003Punta Gorda, Burnt Store Marina, FL
339803440205312914167200 Port Charlotte, Charlotte Harbor, FL
33981688711101117109 Port Charlotte, FL
3398239257856742545638 Cleveland also,, FL
339835923209701438163Harbour Heights, FL
342248357155459450911014 Englewood, North Port, Rotonda West, Grove City, FL

Cities, Towns & Municipalities Located within Charlotte County

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Charlotte HarborCharlotte ParkClevelandGrove City
Harbour HeightsManasota KeyPort Charlotte
Punta GordaRotonda WestSolana

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