We are offered an equation,CH4+ 2O2CO2+ 2H2O, and also asked to answer numerous questions:

Part A.

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We are asked to determine thelimiting reagent, given the variety of moles of each reactant (2.55 moles of methane and also 4.50 moles of oxygen).

Part B.We are asked to calculate exactly how manygrams of products(carbon dioxide and also water) are produced from the mixture in Part A.

Part C.We are asked to calculate theactual yield, given the percent yield, 95.0%.

Part D.We are asked to calculate just how manygrams of the excess(if tright here is any) will reprimary unreacted.

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Given this equation: CH4 + 2O2 → CO2 + 2H2O

a) If 2.55 moles of methane reacts with 4.50 moles of oxygen, what is the limiting reagent?

b) From this mixture of reactants, just how many kind of grams of carbon dioxide and just how many kind of grams of water have the right to be produced?

c) If the percent yield for this reactivity is 95.0%, what actual yield can you expect?

d) How many kind of grams of the excess reagent (if tright here is one) will certainly remajor unreacted?

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