Carol Of The Bells Trans Siberian Orchestra Tab S By Trans Siberian Orchestra

“Carol of the Bells” as performed by the Tran-Siberian Orchestra off theiralbum The Christmas Attic, I think. I just listened to thesong over and over till i figured out at least the lead part. Ilooked around for the tab but couldn”t find it, and it”s such akick ass arrangement that people deserve to know how to play a little ofit. I include the time in the song where the riff starts to edge offthe confusion.

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And if i screwed up some part of it, lemme know.Transcription and Tablature by: Aaron Hanenburga20wattmusicman


D MajorDAnd the acoustic line ends on first note.Then……… HEAVY!0:32E————————–B————————– Let ring as the stringsG————————– do the chugging strumD–2———————–A–2———————–E–0———————–The cool delay guitar in the backround0:32 (goes throughout whole piece)E—————————-B–0-5–0-0-5—————- P.M slightlyG—————————-

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***************************************************************************That “insanely hard” part that Riaz is referring isshown below.Al Pitrelli shows us “pull-off/hammer on” scaleexercises in this section.Slightly buried by the punishing keyboards are twoguitars.First the lead: (use pull-off/hammer on)E–19–17–15——————————————————15–17–19–B————–19–17–15——————————15–17–19————–G————————–17–16–14——14–16–17————————–D————————————–17————————————–Next the harmony guitar:E–15–14–12——————————————————12–14–15–B————–15–13–12——————————12–13–15————–G————————–14–12–11——11–12–14————————–D————————————–14————————————–**************************************************************************Now : Back to Riaz”s well done explanation :**************************************************************************That”s followed by a chord finish at the end of thelast repetition:(3:03)e–15—17—19—22—24–B——-15—17—20—24–G–16———————-And the song fades out with the background guitar riffAaron mentioned.
Almost there …

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