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Earlier in this series, we explained hexproof: a mechanic that prevents your opponents from targeting your creatures with their spells or abilities. In explaining hexproof, we alluded to an older mechanic called shroud, from which hexproof evolved. But what is shroud, and how does it differ from hexproof? That’s what we’re here to talk about today!

What is Shroud?

As we learned previously, a creature with hexproof cannot be the target of a spell or ability an opponent controls. A creature with shroud cannot be the target of any spell or ability — including yours! No combat tricks, no enchantments, no equipping — nothing!

If a permanent gains shroud, any other permanents that were previously attached to it or affecting it will still apply. But from that point forward, it can’t be the target of any spell or ability.

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Like creatures with hexproof, creatures with shroud are difficult to deal with, since you can’t target the with removal spells. However, board wipes and any other spells that don’t target will be useful here, and you can still block them with your creatures.

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Examples of Shroud

Creatures aren’t printed with shroud anymore, but you may come across a few if you play with older cards.


Lightning Greaves and Whispersilk Cloak are two pieces of equipment that will grant shroud to a creature. They’re popular in Commander decks that need to keep a specific creature on the board, such as the commander itself.

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If you’re playing a deck with lots of enchantments, Greater Auramancy and Sterling Grove will protect your enchantments from harm. You may want to include Argothian Enchantress, too!


And if you enjoy playing tribal creature decks, there are a few creatures that will grant shroud to your whole team. Eladamri will watch over your elves, and Scion of Oona will protect your faeries. Steely Resolve is a great addition to these decks, or an alternative, if you’re playing creatures of a different type.


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