Hi men I to be wondering if it'll it is in alright to bring a Bluetooth speaker i bought here in Dubai in my carry on luggage on my flight to Europe. It looks prefer this (https://zatznotfunny.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/bose-soundlink-revolve1-580x580.jpg) the black one, it isn't too large and fits easily in my backpack but just want to be sure I won't have to leave the behind.

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Also there is a crack (minor) on mine iphone's display I hope that won't be an issue? The phone functions perfectly good though.

Cracks on an iPhone's screen do nothing, so it won't it is in an worry at all. I think girlfriend can likewise take a Bluetooth speak on your carry on, together it would certainly act similar to a phone (in regards to signals it immits), therefore they would have actually no reason to not enable it.

I am travelling to Mexico thru Seattle, I have a little Bose speak ( 7in X 7in ) have the right to I carry it in my carry on luggage ... Will they take it !!

If it fits in ~ the mentioned size/weight top top the unknown airline you are flying with, it will certainly not it is in a problem

That is the problem, I have checked and also checked top top the Alaska airlines website, and can not discover anything about speakers...and size and weight... Would you know specifically where I might find this info ? Thanks

With most such queries, the is often best to inspect airline sites, and applicable security sites, for what is “forbidden,” as all feasible allowable item would produce an unmanageable list.

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Let google be her friend https://www.alaskaair.com/content/travel-info/baggage/carry-on-luggage.aspx i cant see any type of ambiguity, if that is not banned then it is allowed.

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