C regime to remove spaces or excess blanks from a string, because that example, think about the string

"C programming"There space two spaces in this string, so our regime will publish the string"C programming." the will remove spaces when they occur much more than one time consecutively in cable anywhere.

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#include  int main() char text<1000>, blank<1000>; int c = 0, d = 0;  printf("Enter some text\n"); gets(text);  if (text != "\0") if (text == " ") int temp = c + 1; if (text != "\0") if (text == " " && text != "\0") if (text == " ") c++; temp++; blank = text; c++; d++;   blank = "\0";  printf("Text ~ removing blanks\n%s\n", blank);  return 0;

If you desire you deserve to copy empty into message string so that original string is modified.

Download remove spaces program.

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Output of program:


C programming code using pointers

#include #include #include #define an are " " char *process(char*); int main() char text<1000>, *r;  printf("Enter a string\n"); gets(text);  r = process(text);

printf("\"%s\"\n", r); free(r);   return 0;

char *process(char *text) int length, c, d; char *start; c = d = 0; length = strlen(text);  start = (char*)malloc(length+1); if (start == NULL) exit(EXIT_FAILURE); if (*(text+c) != "\0") if (*(text+c) == " ") int temp = c + 1; if (*(text+temp) != "\0") when (*(text+temp) == " " && *(text+temp) != "\0") if (*(text+temp) == " ") c++; temp++; *(start+d) = *(text+c); c++; d++; *(start+d)= "\0"; return start;
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