C++ Expression Must Have A Constant Value “? Array Definition

static const int size = 10;void foo() {..int array;..}However, I get the compile error: “expression must have a constant value”, even though size is a constant. I can use the macro

#define SIZE (10)But I am wondering why size marked const causes compilation error.

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In C language keyword const has nothing to do with constants. In C language, by definition the term “constant” refers to literal values and enum constants. This is what you have to use if you really need a constant: either use a literal value (define a macro to give your constant a name), or use a enum constant.

(Read here for more details: Shall I prefer constants over defines?)

Also, in C99 and later versions of the language it possible to use non-constant values as array sizes for local arrays. That means that your code should compile in modern C even though your size is not a constant. But you are apparently using an older compiler, so in your case

#define SIZE 10is the right way to go.



The answer is in another brianowens.tv question, HERE

it”s because In C objects declared with the const modifier aren”t true constants. A better name for const would probably be readonly – what it really means is that the compiler won”t let you change it. And you need true constants to initialize objects with static storage (I suspect regs_to_read is global).

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if you are on C99 your IDE compiler option may have a thing called variable-length array (VLA) enable it and you won”t get compile error, efficiently without stressing your code though is with MALLOC or CALLOC.

static const int size = 10;

void foo() { int* array; array = (int *)malloc(size * sizeof(int));}
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