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bury ME no ON THE LONE PRAIRIE\"O ask me not on the lone prairie\"These words come low and mournfullyFrom the pallid lips the the youth who layOn his dice bed at the near of day.\"O ask me no on the lone prairieWhere the wild coyote will certainly howl o\"er meWhere the buffalo roams the prairie seaO ask me not on the lone prairie\"\"It provides no difference, therefore I\"ve to be toldWhere the body lies as soon as life grow coldBut grant, ns pray, one wish to meO bury me no on the lone prairie\"\"I\"ve regularly wished to be laid when I dieBy the tiny church on the environment-friendly hillsideBy mine father\"s grave, over there let mine beO bury me not on the lone prairie\"The cowboys gathered all around the bedTo listen the critical word the their comrade said\"O partners all, take it a warning native meNever leaving your residences for the lone prairie\"\"Don\"t listen to the enticing wordsOf the men who own droves and also herdsFor if friend do, you\"ll rue the dayThat girlfriend left your residences for the lone prairie\"\"O ask me not,\" however his voice fail thereBut us paid no head come his dying prayerIn a narrow grave, simply six by threeWe hidden him there on the lone prairieWe buried him over there on the lone prairieWhere the buzzards fly and the wind blows freeWhere rattlesnakes rattle, and also the tumbleweedsBlow throughout his tomb on the lone prairieAnd the cowboys currently as they cross the plainsHave significant the spot where his bones space lainFling a grasp of roses top top his graveAnd pray come the Lord that his soul is savedIn a narrow grave, simply six by threeWe buried him there on the lone prairie
deathDT #370Laws B2Recorded by Joe Hickerson and many otherstune \"LONEPRAR\" indigenous American Songbag, Sandburgtune \"LONEPRA2\" indigenous RG memoryfilename< LONEPRARTUNE FILE: LONEPRARCLICK to PLAY tune FILE: LONEPRA2CLICK come PLAY SOF Popup Midi Player
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