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Live! with Kelly & Michael: Dame Helen Mirren

No one in the world has the grace and beauty of Dame Helen Mirren. She walked out and embraced everyone she could, shaking hands and saying hello. Mirren wore a blue and white sun dress with a navy cardigan and camel colored sandals. Tres chic and picture perfect.

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Full of grace and poise, Dame Helen Mirren reprised her role as The Queen in The Audience. Also, she is killing Bruce Willis in RED 2. (Featureflash /

Helen Mirren Plays The Queen of England Again

In The Audience, Dame Mirren reprises her role as the Queen of England for the stage. She said that the performance was broadcast for American audiences in movie theaters and is still playing in New York.

The Audience is about the Prime Minister meeting with the Queen for 20 minutes a week. It’s a private meeting and the details of that meeting never leave that room. Mirren said that Prime Ministers have viewed that time with the Queen as a very candid time, where they can share more with her than anyone else.

The play shows the Queen being like a shrink for the Prime Ministers. Mirren played the current Queen from the age of 26 to now, in her late 80s. She hopes that the Queen caught the national broadcasts.

Helen Mirren: Monsters University

Adding to the long, long list of fantastic roles that Helen Mirren has taken on, including the voice of Becky’s thoughts in Glee, Mirren played the headmaster in Monsters University. Her character was a cross between a centipede and a dragon, looking quite regal.

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Mirren said it was a cool process. She did the voice before her character was finalized.

“She was my favorite character because I could buy as many shoes as I like,” Mirren giggled.

RED 2: Helen Mirren Hired to Kill Bruce Willis

Reprising her role as an assassin, Helen Mirren has been hired to kill Bruce Willis in RED 2. In a scene from the film, Mirren offers relationship advice to Willis’ character, just after informing him that she plans to kill him. The money’s good, she said, and if she doesn’t do it, someone else will. All the while, Mirren’s character is disposing of a dead body with acid.

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