Residents of Buffalo and Niagara drops can count on Dr. Tamara B. Dawli, a plastic and also reconstructive surgeon v a certain speciality in cosmetic surgical procedure of the face and body to aid give your target a an increase with a Brazilian target lift.

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What is Brazilian target Lift?

Want a rounder and much more lifted buttocks? A Brazilian butt lift may assist you solve the saggy bottom problem. Improve the roundness of your rear end with fat extracted from other locations of her body. A Brazilian target lift using fat moved to her buttocks may provide you a shapelier bottom.

How lot Does a Brazilian target Lift Cost?

Your cost will differ according come your unique needs and will be debated during your consultation. We accept all develops of payment, consisting of credit cards and also checks, and additionally offer practically financing  options.

Brazilian butt Lift



This 41 year old woman underwent liposuction and also fat move to the buttocks v 550cc right into each buttock.

Why choose a Brazilian butt Lift?

If girlfriend feel your rear end is also flat, climate a Brazilian butt lift may assist your rear finish rebound. Tiny or shapeless rear end getting girlfriend down? ring up her bottom with a Brazilian butt lift from Dr. Dawli.

Who is a Candidate for a Brazilian butt Lift?

Want much more curves wherein it counts? A Brazilian butt lift might make friend slimmer in your abdomen or thighs together fat is extract from the donor area. This all-natural fat then rejuvenates and elevates your rear and also can make her waist appear smaller and leaner.

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What is the Procedure because that a Brazilian target Lift?

Dr. Dawli will construct a therapy strategy customized to her body, including which area of her body will certainly be best for fat donation. During surgery, liposuction will certainly be performed come extract the fat from the donor area. The fat obtained is then very closely processed and also purified. Purified fat is then injected come sculpt buttocks and to skillfully shape the roundness of your rear end curvature.

Residents the Buffalo and also Niagara Falls, and also Clarence, Hamburg, and West Seneca, set up her consultation through Dr. Tamara Dawli, Buffalo’s just fellowship-trained plastic surgeon, in ~ our main office in Buffalo. Contact us today!