Ceaser is the owner and also creator of the Black Ink brand. From its inception, Ceaser dreamed of turning his service into an empire, and also he"s accomplishing his dream one shop at a time, with 10 shops open up across the U.S. Though his empire is thriving, he"s taken a step earlier to refocus on his individual life in Atlanta via his new boo Suzette, and ending up being the father he"s constantly wanted to be. Will his difficult job-related pay off in his individual and experienced life?

Puma was a part of Babsence Ink at the incredibly start, but a falling-out with Ceaser resulted in poor blood in between the longtime friends, and also Puma opened up his very own tatas well shop Art2Ink. Ultimately, they were able to squash their beef, and also Puma juggles life via his wife Quani, their two youngsters and being a boss at Babsence Ink.

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Ted, born and elevated in the Bronx, first pertained to Black Ink when he was trying to distance himself from life on the roads. Because then, he"s always preserved an eye out for his cousin Ceaser. Ted"s role at Black Ink has increased over the years, from shop manager to VP of operations -- and currently, president. After his connection through Tatti went southern, he had actually to work-related through one more ex at the shop. Has he ultimately settled dvery own via the love of his life?

After struggling through some of her coworkers, Tatti has actually implemented a brand-new Zen personality. Her relationships in the shop have grown, and also she is no much longer looked at as the negative male. Now that she"s turned over a brand-new leaf, will she be able to juggle all her responsibilities?

Young Bae relocated to New York City in 2007, leaving behind an abusive father and also a daunting home life in South Korea. With just $73 to her name, she made ends meet by taking any type of project that came her means -- and she ultimately offered her street smarts and cdamage to land a project as a tatas well artist, despite never before having tattooed in her life. Alengthy via coming to be a effective artist, Bae puts household first as she concentrates on increasing her boy Niko.

Newcomer and also Brooklyn native Spyder is the cover-up tatalso king and the face of the Babsence Ink Brooklyn shop. On a pursuit to come to be heir to Ceaser"s throne, this Brooklynite is functioning toward the lead artist spot at the shop. Will Spyder"s hustle and drive award him the crvery own of lead artist? Or will his bridge-and-tunnel bravaexecute prove to be his downfall?
After a rocky begin at Babsence Ink, Krystal made amends via the females of the shop. Hailing from the Bronx, Krystal is seriously experienced at tattooing. She"s likewise covertly been functioning on pursuing her dreams of ending up being a rapper and also getting signed to a major label. Krystal"s new partnership through a fellow tattoo artist is blooming, yet will she have the ability to balance job-related and also her personal life?
Rok, a talented and heartfelt artist, is earlier and also all set to make a name for himself in the Black Ink people. After the tragic passing of his father three years back, Rok is trying to complete at the 12fifth shop while balancing family life. Like Krystal, Rok has actually a behind-the-scenes connection that he"s bursting at the seams to tell the world about. Will his secret relationship get in the method of his dreams? Will Rok be able succeed in the shop and in his relationship?
Alex is known for two things: being one of the best tattoo artists in New York and killing it through the women. But after obtaining together with Donna, he made a decision to come to be a one-woguy man. Alex has get over a variety of obstacles to acquire to a good place in life, consisting of an estranged father and a earlier injury sustained throughout a Black Ink brawl that nearly ended his career.
Donna"s dream was to occupational at Black Ink, so this Cleveland-born girl packed her bags and also shelp goodbye to the Midwest. After many type of ups and also downs with Ceaser, the 2 lastly came to a mutual respect and understanding. She"s in a long-term connection with fellow tattoo artist Alex, however her anger and also dispute at the shop thrconsumed everything she"s worked for.
Walt was a mainremain at Babsence Ink from the extremely beginning. Though regularly recorded in the middle of shop feuds, he attempted to store the tranquility between his friends. Walt lastly had his very own area and a good relationship through his children, and also points seemed to be taking a rotate for the much better, yet allegations at the 125th shop brought about a major rift through Ceaser and also the rest of the crew.
Since the opening of Art2Ink in New York, Puma"s wife Quani, their daughter Tamia, and also their youngest son Zaiden have actually been supporting Puma as he embarks on his brand-new adendeavor. As Quani juggles motherhood and also her career, she realizes she wants a slower, even more subcity way of living for their children. Will Quani convince Puma that it"s time to leave New York?
Miss Kitty offered as Babsence Ink"s brand ambassador. The D.C. native is as blunt as they come -- and also when points do not go her method, she"s not one to ago down. As Miss Kitty focused on bringing celebrity clientele to the shop, rumors around a connection through Ceaser"s foe Ryan from Babsence Ink Crew Chicback brought about her being fired and also fractured a number of of her friendships among the crew. She then checked out work-related at 2nd City Ink in Chicback while Charmaine was on maternity leave.
One thing"s for sure: Wherever the artist formerly recognized as O" S**t goes, trouble is certain to follow. Whether breaking up fights with his baby mamas or being in the wrong place at the wrong time, O"S**t"s life is always interesting. Born in the Bronx and increased in New York and also South Carolina, O" S**t is a previous college athlete, who tore his ACL beforehand in his sports career. His injury finished his footround career, and he turned to his love of art. For O" S**t, tattooing is all about the art. O" S**t"s battle through substance usage has been a tough one for him, yet after acquiring sober in California and also meeting the love of his life tright here, O"S**t has actually a new outlook on life and also a brand-new name: Rictough.
Born and raised in Florida, Melody relocated to New York to fulfill her dream of being a successful artist in the substantial city. Melody"s eclectic personality draws in all sorts of clients, from drag queens to the girl following door. While her creative style is realistic, her tattoos often express spiroutine themes that serve as sources of strength for her clients. She brings a fresh perspective to the crew, and also she isn"t afrassist to say what everyone else is reasoning.
Jadah Blue is the life of the party, but cross her the wrong method, and she will put up a fight -- after all, she is a previous boxer. When Jadah enters a room, she has actually heads turning, and by the moment she leaves, everyone knows who she is. Jadah has actually a spitfire personality and also is quick to put everyone in their place.
Tokie moved to New York from Houston. She"s bubbly and also hard-functioning, and she desires nothing more than to come to be a tatalso apprattract. After seeing her body paint abilities, Ceaser identified that she can have the ability to tatas well someday, but the shop necessary a receptionist even more than anything. Tokie need to prove herself to Ceaser and also the crew before relocating up the ladder.
Raised in Dallas, Kevin moved to New York to meet a lifetime goal of being a tatas well artist in the city. With five brothers and sisters, Kevin always looked for methods to stand also out. In high institution, he made his clothes to separate himself from the crowd and also ultimately enrolled at the Art Institute in Dallas wbelow he majored in fashion style. He left the program when a frifinish asked him to offer him a tattoo one night, and also after that, Kevin never before looked back. Kevin brings a fresh swag to Babsence Ink through his signature photorealism style and also loves the tatas well medium because his clients wear his art. Don"t confuse Kevin"s Southwest cdamage for being slow-paced -- he"s constantly all set to rotate up and sign up with the party.
Dutchess is a Southern belle, a Daddy"s girl, and also a pressure to be reckoned with. Since graduating at the optimal of her course and also earning a service level, Dutchess has actually been taking the civilization by storm. Whether it"s a modeling gig in Paris or tattooing celebrities, Dutchess constantly has her eye on the prize. Dutchess was once engaged to Black Ink boss Ceaser, and she made some boss moves of her own by opening a tattoo shop in her hometvery own of Charlotte, North Carolina.
Sky is Babsence Ink"s quick-witted and also fiery manager. Born and elevated in Harlem, Sky brings the actual to the shop. She isn"t afraid to soptimal the reality, and though it sometimes reasons her trouble, what Sky brings to the table is constantly real. Though she"s spent time functioning on enhancing her family, Sky proceeds to difficulty herself to become a better woguy, a far better mother and also an entrepreneur. With fifty percent of her focus in Miami flourishing her brand and also Her Little Secret Boutique, Sky proceeds to run Babsence Ink"s HR. With all that"s on her plate, Sky concerns that all she"s done to carry the family members together will fall apart as soon as her sons begin spfinishing even more time together, and Des moves in through his older brvarious other.
Tiffany Perez was born and also raised in New Jersey and began tattooing at the age of 21 after her father bought her a tatalso gun for her birthday. Dutchess initially prevented Tiffany type of from functioning at Babsence Ink, yet that didn"t soptimal her. She came earlier all set to prove her worth, and she refoffered to let Dutchess, or anyone else in the shop, organize her back again.
Born and also increased dvery own the block from Black Ink, Sassy walks the walk and also talks the talk. Whether it is modeling for Urban Ink Magazine or helping out backphase at a fashion show, Sassy"s style and also magnetic power attract world her way. Even though she left the shop, she remained loyal to her frifinish Puma and also ultimately came earlier to assist out when he rejoined the crew.
A Dominican-American increased in the Bronx, Kathie is a writer, painter and also advocate for meditation and also self-enlightenment. She is dedicated to her kid Achilles and also ensures that Achilles"s father O"S**t is maintaining up with his daddy duties. Kathie teaches self-awareness and healing through miscellaneous Eastern spirituality practices.
A veteran artist, Naeem"s reputation proceeds him. Originally from Detroit, Naeem specializes in realism and also portraits at Puma"s Art2Ink shop. Naeem has a daughter through his girlfrifinish Alexis. His daughter changed his life, and currently all Naeem"s emphasis is on providing a better life for his kid. Naeem is dedicated to his craft and strives to be the finest tatalso artist in the game.
Raised in Brooklyn, Art2Ink"s Phoenix had actually a turbulent childhood, constantly relocating from house to house. Regardless of his tumultuous past, Phoenix was motivated to go after a much more legit career in tattooing after the birth of his daughter. He wants to give his 5 kids the childhood he never before had actually.

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As the previous receptionist of Black Ink, Alex brought that fire to the shop. Alex has actually an opinion about everything, which is why she and Ceaser were constantly butting heads on concerns of artist style. As a side hustle, Alex models in assorted publications and also has graced the cover of both Inked and also Urban Ink.