Midway Atoll, fight Memorial Sand Island

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Colonel Gregory D. Gadson (US Army, Retired), former US military Wounded Warrior Director, Garrison command of the U.S. Military Fort Belvoir. He is also a bilateral above-the-knee amputee, actor, and motivational speaker. He offered in the U.S. Army for much more than 25 years together a field artillery officer and served on energetic duty for Operations Desert Shield and also Desert Storm, procedure Joint Forge, operation Enduring Freedom, and also Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Benjamin Resnick is a historical archaeologist and also a senior director/assistant angry president through GAI Consultants, Inc., a full-service engineering and environmental consulting firm.

Ben specializes in the research of historic-period resources concentrating on armed forces sites, urban sites, farmsteads, and GIS-based applications to archaeological predictive modeling. He has authored or coauthored plenty of reports and also publications end the critical 30 year including posts in the SAA historical Record, Interpreting Space: GIS in Archaeology, The Archeology of Landscape and also Geographic details Systems: Predictive Maps, settlement Dynamics, and an are and region in Prehistory, southern Carolina Antiquities, commercial Archaeology, and a publicly monograph entitled, because that the sake of the Living: A Civil battle Battlefield Burial, Gettysburg National army Park.

His topic: Ewa field South Revetment historic District and also the fight of Midway

Daniel A. Martinez is Chief historian for the WWII Valor in the Pacific national Monument. His locations of responsibility encompass the USS Arizona Memorial and Visitors Center, the USS Utah Memorial, the USS Oklahoma Memorial, and also the other historical Sites follow me Battleship Row.

Senator Mike Gabbard, Hawaii ar 20

Performances:The Mililani High institution Choir – God Bless the U.S.A.,National Anthem & Hawai‘i Pono’iThe naval Corps forces Pacific tape – play of united States equipped Forces Medley and also other ceremonial music



4–7 June 1942, decisive American victory, was a joint Navy, Marine and also Army waiting Corps effort.Ewa Field noted many planes, pilots and squadrons.

God Bless The U.S.A.


Movie will be filmed in Hawaii in Spring-Summer of 2018 and also movie trailers coming the end by December 2018 with likely release day in mid-December.

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We can firmly document now the largely unknown direct involvement the Ewa ar in what is thought about the greatest naval battle in American history.