I got familiar with her explanation that The Lich’s genesis and also the factor why Finn’s wish in “Finn the Human” went wrong ,but I have an alternate theory which i think fits much better to part facts native the show.

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We have the right to agree the the environment-friendly Catalyst Comet from “Evergreen” that eliminated the dinosaurs lugged the significance of The Lich to earth. Numerous years later on this essence was discovered by civilization during the Mushroom War and used to produce the Mushroom Bomb which ended the era that humanity and caused the development of the land of Ooo. Then, someone fell into a mutagenic pool produced by the Bomb and became The Lich.

In “Finn the Human” Finn wished the The Lich “never even ever existed” and was sent out by Prismo come Farmworld wherein the Mushroom Bomb was quit from going turn off by Simon. The Bomb explosive eventually, Farmworld Jake dropped into the pool of toxins and became a Farmworld variation of The Lich. The inquiry is whether it contradicted Finn’s great or not. Her explanation is the the Lich Farmworld Jake turned right into was not the very same lich as The initial Lich from Ooo. And also I know it was displayed during Farmworld Marceline’s monologue that there were many liches (I’ll speak to them liches from now on) created by the Mushroom Bomb in the original Ooo’s timeline. They were no The Lich yet other mutated creatures, different liches.

As far as I know you state the whether or no a lich could be dubbed The Lich and also be similar with The Lich from Ooo depends on the creature that dropped into the mutagenic pool, for this reason each creature would come to be a various lich. The trouble here is the The Lich is no that much of a physical being. His significance can move from one biology to another and he’s the very same Lich no matter what his host is at the moment. I don’t think the very first creature he possessed yes, really matters here, he only provided it as a short-term vessel anyway, as with all his other victims, such together the snail, Princess Bubblegum and also Billy. For this reason yes, i think the Farmworld Jake did in reality turn right into The Lich.


All the liches seen during Farmworld Marcie’s monologue are certainly separate beings though. Ns think it’s fairly reasonable come say that The Lich have the right to only own one body at a time. But it’s crucial to note that every the other liches looked exactly the same while The Lich was plainly the distinctive one and also seemed come be their leader. I think the true significance of The Lich just took over the very first person that fell into the mutagenic pool and the rest came to be some reduced level mutants, probably managed by The Lich telepathically.

My explanation the why The Lich showed up in Farmworld in spite of Finn’s great is more lingual. Finn wished that The Lich “never also ever existed” in a past tense therefore he was sent out to an transformed reality in i m sorry The Lich had actually not been produced until the present. Of course, ns assume that Farmworld current Finn was sent to was parallel come Ooo’s current he came from - appears reasonable and in both situations it was a thousand year after the Mushroom War. What Finn didn’t predict was that The Lich could had been produced at any suggest in time and while the never even ever existed until the Farmworld current Finn’s great didn’t exclude, his development from then on - and that’s what happened. Monkey’s paw.

This theory would explain better why the Mushroom Bomb in Farmworld to be frozen for precisely 1000 years. If The Lich can only be developed by a mutation that one very certain creature all Prismo would need to do would be to protect against that biology from falling into the toxicity pool, and maybe push someone else into there. It could happen during the Mushroom War just like it go in Ooo. However the truth that Finn’s wish had to stop the Mushroom Bomb native going off argues that The Lich was produced the an extremely moment the Bomb exploded.

There were actually three procedures of developing The Lich: the Lich Comet, the Mushroom Bomb and also the creature that dropped into the toxins and became The Lich us all know and also love. I m sorry of this moments us decide to call the creation of The Lich is in reality semantics, you decided the third step, while i favor the second, however it would actually it is in pretty understandable come state the the Lich Comet was already The Lich.

Evergreen stated the eco-friendly Comet ached because that life’s extinction, which says it to be a sentient being, and also if for this reason it would certainly seem natural to recognize it as The Lich himself. Besides, their primary role was the same. At the very least you can’t deny the Comet was The Lich “in a way”. Let’s just forget because that a minute that this theory method Finn’s wish wasn’t fulfilled in ~ all, and also go on.


The Lich pointed out some ancient monsters from before there exist nothing in his speech in “Gold Stars.” that wasn’t made clear then whether or no he was among them, but the truth that he had actually knowledge the something that happened prior to nothing does imply he was. Technically, one can not get any kind of information from prior to the information was created, so there couldn’t have been any trace of those monster in our truth (besides The Lich was referred to as “an old evil” through Princess Bubblegum once she first introduced him to Finn and Jake in “Mortal Folly”).


To me, the large question right here is whether the truth those creatures existed before there to be nothing method they existed before the creation of time. Of course “before time” sound absurd yet there space physical theory which encompass such principle - it’s just past our comprehension. Besides you can take it as a metaphor.

Now, if The Lich is one of those ancient monsters and also he existed before the creation of time a wish that he “never even ever existed” just didn’t apply to him. That can’t be erased indigenous time if that existed prior to it. Besides, we already know that Prismo is not omnipotent (GOLB is more powerful). Prismo also lives in time Room, for this reason he’s limited by the time, and also he can’t touch a creature that existed prior to it. So instead of erasing The Lich as the significance of evil, among those ancients, Prismo did the closest thing to that he could - quit the creation of The Lich together a bodily biology (and only for 1000 years). I think the all appears to do sense.

I choose to think those old monsters stood for some very an easy concepts, natural to the structure of reality, for this reason existing prior to it. In this case, The Lich might be the embodiment the destruction, because that’s his key trait. He referred to as himself “the end” in “Escape indigenous the Citadel”. Ns don’t think anyone could imagine our reality without the ide of devastation - and that’s the metaphorical existing before existence.

Destruction is one inseparable part of adjust (that’s why The Lich was among the incarnations that the Catalyst Comet, the facet of readjust itself). What might the other monsters represent? ns dunno. Among them was Orgalor; he could be seen amongst the rest throughout Lich’s speech, but I’m not certain what idea he can embody. Maybe cruelty, or the lust for power. These, top top the various other hand, don’t seem that fundamental to me, let’s simply leave it.


There’s one more important inquiry left: what if the Crown Evergreen do was more powerful 보다 Prismo? The Crown can grant its first wearer’s one deepest wish, i beg your pardon was an alleged to be the devastation of the Lich Comet. If everything I created is true, Evergreen want to use the Crown to erase the aspect of damage from reality.

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Balthus, the ancient fire elemental, claimed that ruining the eco-friendly Comet “could reason irreversible damage to the really structure that existence” - no various other words would fit far better to my expertise of this matter. For this reason if the Crown, unequal Prismo, to be actually an effective enough to eliminate The Lich our truth would lose one of its most straightforward concepts - destruction. And likely autumn apart.


I’m nice sure around the very first part, the lingual monkey’s paw, the second about ancient monsters representing an essential ideas could seem a bit far-fetched, however I think that does fit fine to the conception that Adventure Time creators have been presenting lately and also I’d really choose it to it is in true. So whaddya say?