Everyone that owns a laser printer is acquainted with replacing a toner cartridge. Not everyone is as acquainted via drum systems. So before we go any additionally, let’s define them both:

What’s the difference between a drum unit and also toner cartridge?

The toner cartridge is the container that holds the toner powder. The drum unit is an electrically charged cylinder that fprovides that toner powder onto paper to produce text and also imperiods.

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Both of these components are necessary for producing a print. Depending on what printer you own, you could be supplied to replacing your drum unit periodically, or you may have actually never had actually to relocation a drum unit. So, why the inconsistency? It is all contingent on the style of your printer. A drum unit can be included with the toner cartridge or marketed individually as a solitary unit, depending upon the consumable needs of your printer. Laser printers and also their consumables differ throughout printer models. Some printers only require you to relocation the toner cartridge, and also others require that you consistently relocation both the toner cartridge and the drum unit. Consult your printer’s user manual to recognize what consumables are appropriate for your machine.

This is what a drum unit through a toner cartridge looks like:


This is what a drum unit looks like without the toner cartridge:


Most printers usage toner cartridges with the drum unit built right into the cartridge.

HP Toners Have an Incorporated Drum

If you very own an HP laser printer, for example, the drum unit is likely incorporated right into the toner. As such, tright here is no need to relocation the drum individually. Eincredibly time you buy a new toner for that HP printer, you are replacing the drum.

Brvarious other Toners and Drum Units Come Separate

Some printers, choose most Brvarious other laser printer models, usage a sepaprice toner and also drum unit. In this situation, the drum unit is not constructed right into the toner, and also therefore, need to be replaced. Sepaprice drum units last quite a little bit much longer than a toner cartridge and generally have to be reput after the use of 3-4 toners. Your printer must inform you once it’s time to rearea the drum, however you have the right to typically tell your drum is on it’s last legs if you begin to watch black spots or lines throughout the page.

Do all brand-new laser printers come via a toner and also drum?

Yes, many laser printers come through a starter toner cartridge (and also drum, if applicable) currently mounted.

Why perform I need a drum?

Without a drum unit, the toner powder in the cartridge cannot be moved onto the page. The two components job-related together to produce a print! You can’t have actually one without the other and suppose the printer to job-related appropriately.

Do I need to buy a sepaprice drum unit?

It counts on the brand also of your laser printer. Most HP laser printers have the drum unit incorporated into the toner cartridge. But for Brvarious other laser printers, the drum units come independently so you will need to rearea these in enhancement to the toner cartridges. It shouldn’t be a bvarious other because it takes rather a little bit of time before the drum unit needs to be reput.


Which form of printer is better?

There is no real winner below in regards to a “better” printer. Printers that usage toners via an integrated drum unit occupational just and also printers that use a separate toner and drum.

The just contrast worth noting is the price of consumables and also just how that pricing affects their replacement.

Toners with an integrated drum tfinish to be a little more expensive than a solitary separate toner. 

That price boost renders feeling as well, you are fundamentally paying a premium for a brand-new cartridge and drum unit whenever before you run out of toner.

To highlight let’s compare two printers: the Brvarious other HL-L2340dw printer which provides a toner cartridge and drum unit (the TN630 and also the DR-630 respectively), and the HP LaserJet P1102w printer which uses an incorporated toner-drum unit (the HP 85a).

Brvarious other HL-L2340dwHP LaserJet P1102w
How many peras can each cartridge printHow many kind of pperiods can each cartridge print
Brvarious other TN-6301,200 pages$38.99HP 85A1,600 pages$71.99
Brother DR-63012,000 pages$85.99
To print 4,800 peras, your price will certainly be:
Brvarious other TN-630 and also DR-630 combo$190.32HP 85A$215.97

The comparichild above confirms what we pointed out earlier: that the Brvarious other printer with the separate toner and also drum unit is even more economical than the HP LaserJet P1102w via the incorporated toner-drum unit.

Buying a brand-new toner/drum combicountry eincredibly time ensures your print top quality is constant throughout the life of your printer, yet that premium price adds up, especially if those cartridges are upwards of a hundred dollars. The price breakdown of a sepaprice toner and separate drum unit is slightly various. Sepaprice toners are generally less expensive given that you are just paying for the container part that holds the toner powder. The technology is not quite as complex as a toner/drum combination cartridge, so it doesn’t expense as a lot to produce.

Keep in mind, the drum unit will certainly should be reinserted inevitably, as we mentioned previously, a drum is commonly reput after the usage of 3-4 toners. Drum units have the right to expense at leastern a hundred dollars or more, so an added price will certainly inevitably come into play. What type of printer is ideal is all as much as customer choice. Some customers favor paying a little more for toner via an included drum, that means they don’t have to problem around diminished print high quality over time, or have to go out and buy a sepaprice consumable whenever their prints gain spotty. Others might favor the immediate cost savings of a separate toner cartridge, and don’t mind investing in a brand-new drum occasionally.

Whichever printer form you go through, make certain you variable in the price of the cartridges and the drum (if required), so have a clear understanding of replacement costs over the long term.

To conserve more on laser printers, you should take into consideration making use of compatible toner cartridges and also drum units. For circumstances, a compatible Brvarious other DR-630 drum unit just costs $26.00 whereas an original Brvarious other DR-630 will run you $85.99 making the compatible option 70% cheaper.

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To gain a far better understanding of exactly how a separate toner cartridge and also drum unit install in a Brother laser printer, check out our video listed below. If you are wondering why we don’t have actually a comparable video for a toner with an integrated drum unit, it’s because the installation procedure is as simple as installing a toner cartridge, all you need to do is slide the toner right into your printer!

We hope you discovered this explanation advantageous. If you have actually any type of questions about your toner or drum cartridge, or have actually a laser printer that you’d favor to recommfinish, drop us a line in the comments section listed below.