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AuthorTopic: Tell me about Beast: the Primordial (Read 6753 times)

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Another problem is that the game seems to go out of its way to make the Heroes seem pathetic – to the point where they don”t even seem to be a viable threat most of the time. They”re clueless morons who can”t cooperate and can”t plan and are painfully outmatched by the superpowered monsters they”re hunting. And the thing is, “pathetic” is dangerously close to “sympathetic.” People end up rooting for the Heroes just because, well, the poor sorry bastards just seem like they could use a win. :pNow, what would be cool would be if the sides got treated more equally. After all, Beasts and Heroes are both just following their nature – it just so happens that their nature brings them inevitably into conflict. That”s the stuff of tragedy right there, two larger-than-life characters being driven into a confrontation that neither wants but neither can avoid. Every Hero knows that one day, they”ll die at the hands of a Beast, and every Beast knows that one day, they”ll die at the hands of a Hero. And still both have to do what feels right to them, playing the part they were given. They could both be pathetic, and both be glorious at the same time.Alas.

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Add me to the ranks of people who have stopped posting here because they can”t stand the RPGPundit. It”s not even his actual opinions, though I strongly disagree with just about all of them. It”s the psychotic frothing rage with which he holds them. If he ever goes postal and beats someone to death with a dice bag, I don”t want to be listed among his known associates, is what I”m saying.


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