April 17, 1961: The Bay Of Pigs Maps Of Bay, Bay Of Pigs

An April 17, 1961 map showing the locations of invading forces. Fidel Castro said one invasion force, apparently the main one, struck in southern part of Las Villas Province (1). Another force was reported ashore at the edge of southern Matanzas Province in Cochinas Bay area (2). Western Pinar Del Rio Province (3) was scene of another reported force. Washington exile forces said another force had landed at Baracoa (4), northeast of Santiago. NBC quoted a Cuban exile spokesman as saying invasion operations were moving ahead favorably in Matanza Province (5), the Santiago area (6), with parachutists dropped on the Isle of Pines (7). (AP Photo)


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On April 17, 1961, some 1,500 CIA-trained Cuban exiles launched the disastrous Bay of Pigs i…


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