Okinawa Landing Beaches Battle Of Okinawa Maps, (Second World War

The Battle of Okinawa (Operation Iceberg) was fought from April to June, 1945. The amphibious landings at the outset of the battle was the largest amphibious assault of the Pacific War. Okinawa was the last stop on the Allied island hopping campaign before getting to the Japanese main islands. The US took over 50,000 casualties in the battle.

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This Marine Corps map shows the landing plans for the beaches on 1 April and the regiments involved in the landings. 

Result: American Victory

Published: 1945 (most likely)

Dimensions (Inches, Width x Height): Multiple sizes

Each map is printed using the finest materials and methods. Your map will be handled with white gloves from start to finish. We use the Giclee printing method on Hahnemuhle paper, which produces a clear, extremely detailed, durable map that is perfect to be proudly displayed in your home or office.

Digital watermark does not appear on your purchased map.

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Letter From the Founder:

Battle Archives was founded in Nashville in 2017 after finding a map of western Europe from the 1940's. This was no ordinary map, but rather the one my grandfather had in his flight suit during his missions over Europe in his B-17 as a co-pilot. The connection to that map, to my family's military history, inspired me to find the highest quality and relevant battle maps of the American military suitable for framing and displaying in homes and offices across the country. We use the highest quality paper and printing methods to produce these brilliant visual connections to America's past and the veterans who fought in those wars.-Mike



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