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Backyard rings 2 their goes the ar

Developer: Paradox development

Publisher: Eidos interactive

Designer: Kevin Gill

Platform: Xbox, playstations 2

Release Date:

Genre: Sports

Mode: single Player / Multiplayer

Backyard wrestling 2: there Goes the neighborhood is the 2nd installment in the Backyard rings series and to be released ~ above Xbox and also PlayStation 2. The license is granted soundtrack consists of music by Andrew W.K. , Kool Keith , the Insane Clown Posse , bad Brains, Body counting , Six and also Violence , Mudvayne and Hoobastank .

It was arisen by Paradox breakthrough , currently owned through Midway gamings , and also was publishedby Eidos interactive

The roster of underground wrestlers features much more than 20 combatants, including notablehardcore wrestlers, music personalities, and also a couple of adult film actresses.

The video game was considerably improved over its predecessor, consisting of a more in depth create-a-wrestlermode. The game likewise included a move for transforming the game"s blood effects on and also off in contrastto the initial game"s lack of said switch. Every wrestler now has an arrival video, though thefemale non-wrestlers" videos contain more eye candy than wrestling. There are likewise three unlockable music videos.

Despite assures of an improved gameplay experience, the game was a critical flop when releasedin 2004. Its sales numbers continued to be respectable, however, moving virtually 300,000 copies through 2005.

The television commercial consisted of Insane Clown Posse, Vampiro, brand-new Jack, and major Gunns.


Mad guy Pondo Vic Grimes Vampiro brand-new Jack noble Nick Mondo Ruckus The Sandman Violent J Shaggy 2 Dope The Rude boy
Sonjay Dutt Messiah can be fried Zandig El Drunko masking Horn Dog Luke Hadley Joe Peterson Ryuji Ito Kelvin Finn Andrew W.K. Tera Patrick Sunrise Adams major Gunns Adrianne ache

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