‘ Attack On Titan Chapter 123 Release Date Revealed, Attack On Titan Confirms Chapter 123 Release Date

Next Attack On Titan Chapter 123 release date has revealed and it will publish on November 09, 2019.

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You can check below a banner that revealed Attack On Titan Chapter 123 Release Date:


A new chapter of Shingeki no Kyojin titled as “You, 2,000 Years Ago”.

All right. First thing first.

Latest Attack on Titan Chapter 122 was, indeed, a masterpiece.

Something that we all anticipated but was not sure when it would happen. And now, here we are witnessing the rumbling!

As expected, the chapter showcased Ymir’s heartbreaking story. Furthermore, it also managed to show off how cruel the world can be, and it accurately mirrors reality.

The King and his slaves.

Now we know the history behind the girl in the picture book that Historia used to follow or the girl as shown at the end of Attack on Titan season 2 ending.

The picture shows the King as well as his daughters, Maria, Rose, and Sina.

Writer Hajime Isayama did hint future events indirectly back then, which included rumbling and Ymir’s past.

No wonder such a great writer Isayama is!

Ymir was one of the slaves who serve King Fritz.


In one of the incidents, King demands the name of the slave who set pigs free and threatened that if the person decides not to show up, all slaves’ one eye will be gouged out.

After hearing this, all slaves doubt stared at Ymir.

It appears that Ymir wasn’t the one who set pigs free yet accused.

Once considered guilty, King lets Ymir run while being chased by his troops & dogs.

In the process, Ymir gets severely injured and found shelter in a large but hollow tree. Unexpectedly, she falls into a hole filled with some liquid (which we can conclude Titan’s spinal fluid).

Thus, Ymir received founding Titan’s abilities and transformed into a Titan for the very first time.


It shows that a spine formed in the process attached to her. For now, we can conclude that she possessed all the powers of the strongest Titans of Attack on Titan.

Using her newly found Titan powers, Ymir opened up a new way, cultivated land, and built bridges.

It’s the same stories that we heard from restorationists.

As a result, the Eldian Empire grew considerably in terms of wealth and strength.

However, Ymir still thought of herself as a slave and given the same treatment by her King.

Sooner she bore King’s children, Maria, rose and Sina that King referred them as a reward for her servility.

After each daughter born into this world, Ymir has shown destroying the enemy troops in her Titan form.


As a result, the Eldian continued to grow and destroyed the Marley realm. For the Eldians, Marley was the arch-enemy and still possesses the same grudges.

Once, King attacked by one of his troops. To protect King, Ymir got in the way and injured herself. However, King ignores her injury and command her in a very cold manner to get up and work.


Because according to him, Ymir still was a slave and born for that same purpose.

But she refuses.

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Instead, this Attack on Titan chapter shows Ymir getting trapped into where Paths are.


Whereas in the real world, her body is chopped and fed to her daughters to gain titans’ abilities.

Evil, not just evil, it is completely insane.

We can see and imagine how her daughters could have felt when they were eating their mother. Ymir saw all that coming in Paths.

For Eldians to conquer the world, King commands her daughter to keep passing Ymir’s blood through generations.

It must be achieved by letting next successors eat previous host’s spine fluid. And the rest is history.

We can see that Ymir lost herself in Path world as she never treated as an individual but a slave for eternity. Thus she was trapped in there.

Eren saw all of Ymir’s history when he holds her hands to prevent following Zeke’s order.

Eren stated that she must lend him the power as he wants to put an end to this world.

He further added that she is neither a slave nor a God.

She is just a human being who doesn’t have to listen to anyone.


Zeke, horrified, yell at Eren and starts running towards him. Eren continues to turn Ymir to his side by saying that Ymir is the one to decide whether to live like that forever or put an end to it.

Hearing this, Zeke ordered Ymir that she should listen to him (that takes back the ability of reproduction from all Ymir’s subjects) as he belongs to the royal blood family.

Eren continues to adds that she was waiting for 2000 years, just for someone to show up and free her.

And because of her, Eren managed to enter Paths.

Ymir, after hearing this, cries and then, The end begins.


Here you can note the pain in Ymir’s Eyes. It shows the pain she suffered for years.

On the other hands, in the real world, the rumbling continues to begins.

As shown in Shingeki No Kyojin chapter 122, all walls beginning to get cracked, and titans start to appear one by one.

Also, a spine (similar to one that was attached to Ymir when she first transformed into Titan) is started connecting Eren’s body.


It that is when Eren transformed into new Titan body different from his regular form.

So does that mean Ymir taken control over Eren’s Titan body?

The Attack on Titan chapter 122 ends with a statement – “It can’t be stopped anymore”.


Now the rumbling has started, millions of colossal titans began to appear, and the only sky is the limit for the imagination.

The question is whether the Titans inside the walls will go against people inside or just going to flatten everything that comes in their Path. Later seems to be the case.

After all, what exactly happened in the Path world merely took a moment in reality.

So Eren would not be dead anymore along with full access to Ymir’s Titan’s abilities.

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No wonder why Grisha was so horrified when he saw his sons brutal future.

Is this an End like Game of Thrones? Or do we missing something?

Do the rest of the heroes or humanity’s strongest soldier going to play any crucial role?


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