Is A Black & Mild Worse Than A Cig Are Black And Milds Addictive ?: Cigars

I can't find any definitive answer on this question. I am interested in cigar smoking to just relax and lose some stress. The only thing I can think of would be a Black and Mild. I just don't know if they're addictive.

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Is there any thing else you can suggest for just a quick relax? I'm not looking to find some kind of aged cigar. Over the counter would be no problem at all if it was an option.


I don't even consider black and milds to be cigars really, they are more like over-sized cigarettes.

I find them to more in that grey area between. I've know guys who light them and smoke them as if they are the most rare and amazing cigar of all time.

On the other hand I used to work on a welding crew were the foreman would chain smoke them.

I'd say it really depends on what your endgame is with it, getting the buzz or enjoying the smoke. Not that there really is much to enjoy.

All tobbaco has nicotine in it as a natural property. If you smoke any tobbaco you run the risk of addiction. That said cigars tend to be less addictive because of no additives and that we generally don't inhale, just puff to bring the smoke into the mouth and enjoy the flavors.

You get less nicotine if you puff vs inhale, but it is still there. There is no way of saying for sure if you'll be addicted until you try.

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Cigars actually provide a lot more nicotine at one time, because they are larger, and the nicotine does enter your saliva and then enter the blood stream.

If you are interested in cigars and quick ones check out the wiki to the right. It has a ton of info on that and they will taste better than black and milds, at least they do to me. Like it was said before all nicotine has the possibility of being addictive, just have to watch it.

Also need to take into consideration that addiction doesn't have to be physical. You can EASILY become mentally addicted to cigars….just like anything else. To certain people, anything can be addictive.

Alright I am going to lay it out for you as a former black and mild smoker (total deep lung inhalation), also a former pack a day marlboro red smoker for ten years. I don't smoke cigarettes anymore, but I do smoke the occasional cigar now. I smoke cigars mostly for the relaxation factor than anything.

Quick disclaimer: I don't have the science to back this up, I mean I don't have the nicotine content facts to compare gas station “cigars” with real cigars. But I do have my experience as someone who was HEAVILY addicted to nicotine.

Black and Milds, in my experience, are a smooth smoke with lots of nicotine. In my experience, they are basically a big filterless, heavy but mild, cigarettes with mouth pieces.

Real cigars are different, you don't inhale them for one. In my two years of smoking cigars, I have found that I can put them down for weeks at a time, even if i smoked a cigar daily for a week or two, and still not experience the withdrawal symptoms I had with cigarettes. BUT I do like cigars, I usually want one, but I don't get irritated and feel like I NEED a cigar to focus, or anything like that if I have not had one for a while. That is what I think of when I compare something I really enjoy doing verses something that I can see I am obviously addicted to.

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So as a rule of thumb, I would stay away from any gas station tobacco because it really is catered towards addictiveness. High nicotine content and delivery will keep customers buying them on a whem. I would really recommend B&Ms and the internet and just buy real cigars if you're interested in cigars.


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