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Kent from Greensburg, PaThis would certainly have been a perfect song for the late Whitney Houston"s voice.Gayle from Napa, CaI actually think jennifer Hudsons version is better although Jennifer Holliday is so powerfulview even more comments
China GroveThe Doobie Brothers

Tbelow really is a China Grove (in Texas), but Tom Johnston didn"t understand around it when he created the Doobie Brothers song.

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Jump AroundHouse of Pain

The horn grow at the beginning of "Jump Around" comes from Bob and Earl"s "Harlem Shuffle"; the squeal throughout the song can be a Prince sample.


"Ghosttown" was Madonna"s 4fifth chart-topper on the Dance Club Songs chart, breaking the document for the many #1s an artist has tallied on a solitary Billboard chart.


"Sail" by AWOLNATION had actually a remarkably slow-moving climb up the Hot 100. It was the first ever song to spend over a year on the chart before entering the top 20.

Turn Up The RadioAutograph

Paper Mate phelp for Autograph"s "Turn Up The Radio" video in exchange for significant placement of their erasable pen.

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Australian singer-songwriter Sia Furler created "Diamonds" for Rihanna in simply 14 minutes.

Mike Love of The Beach BoysSongwriter Interviews

The lead singer/lyricist of The Beach Boys talks about coming up with the words for "Good Vibrations," "Fun, Fun, Fun," "Kokomo" and various other classical songs.

Greg Lake of Emerchild, Lake & PalmerSongwriter Interviews

Greg talks about writing songs of "universal truth" for King Crimboy and ELP, and tells us around his many memorable phase minute (it requires fireworks).

Jesus Thinks You"re a Jerk: Rock vs. TelevangelistsSong Writing

When televangelists favor Jimmy Swaggart took on rockers like Ozzy Osbourne and also Metallica, the rockers retaliated. Bono can even be seen mocking the preachers.

Gavin Rossdale of BushSongwriter Interviews

On the "schizoid element" of his lyrics, and also a famous line from "Everything Zen."

Mark Arm of MudhoneySongwriter Interviews

When he was asked to compose a song for the Singles soundtrack, Mark believed the Seattle grunge scene was already overblown, so that"s what he composed about.

Neal Smith - "I"m Eighteen"They"re Playing My Track

With the band also in peril of being dropped from their label, Alice Cooper drummer Neal Smith co-created the song that began their trek from horror display curiosity to the Rock and also Roll Hevery one of Fame.