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It”s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is an American TV sitcom created by Rob McElhenney that premiered on FX on August 4th, 2005. The series follows a group of five underachieving twentysomethings who call themselves “The Gang” and run Paddy”s Pub, an Irish bar in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since its premiere, the show has garnered a cult following for its anti-heroic characters and open exploration of ethically controversial and offensive themes.


The show was originally conceived in 2004 by Rob McElhenney and Glenn Howerton (who portray the characters of Mac and Dennis, respectively) as an idea for a short film that begins with a man telling his friend that he might have cancer, while the friend is still entirely fixated with trying to borrow a cup of sugar for the “shitload of coffee” he has made. The short and comical vignette was subsequently developed into a pilot episode for a show about struggling actors in Hollywood called It”s Always Sunny on TV, shot on a digital camcorder by the two and Charlie Day (who portray the character of Charlie).

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After a period of circulation of the pilot episode among various studios, FX Network ordered the first season with a few changes in the show”s setting and premises, which transformed the characters” backgrounds from aspiring actors in Los Angeles to co-owners of a dive bar in Philadelphia. In addition, actress Kaitlin Olson was cast for the female lead character of Sweet Dee.

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On August 4th, 2005, the pilot episode of It”s Always Sunny in Philadelphia premiered on FX and ran for seven episodes with the finale airing on September 13th. Although the premiere episode earned relatively low ratings with just over a million viewers, the first season was met with generally positive reviews from the critics and the show was renewed for a second season, which ran from June 29th to August 17th, 2006.


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