album: "Behind Silence And Solitude" (2002)

1. Behind Silence And Solitude2. From These Wounds3. Follow4. Clarity5. Erase6. Shading7. Home To Me8. One Belief

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1. Behind Silence And Solitude

you face me in silence and hope is in your eyesunspoken yet pleading you wait for my replyalone now i tremble in want of your embracelet not tears fall for me, let me show the waydon"t know why you have such belief in mto justify this i"d try eternallyi will not forget what you"ve done for meshed not a tear i"ll be with you endlesslyhow i wish i could saywhat you want to hearlong ago i swore that i"d always keep you neari know now it seems like my vow was empty thenbut in time you will see i"d do it all againi lie back close my eyes againthe dreams are theremy last chance slipped awayyou"ll never know i caredi count this with reason as most of my regretnow i hope you can see that i will not forget

2. From These Wounds

and now i recognize your face and my follyfor longer days and nights this strange redemption"with words you"ve bled me drynow dust falls from these woundsinto the airless night i"m casthear me call youi know i can"t create a lie you won"t see throughthrough in this blessed tone i am a child in wantinga feeling not unlike regret permeates meand with the birth of fear i am set freefrom these wounds i claim redemptionfrom these wounds i am redeemedin passing i recall with such vivid claritythe soft whispering reminders of foolish notionstoo late i realized my wrongs and my carelessnessnow from the stone i hear you calli can not answerbelieve me my regret runs deep yet i know peacefor in 24 years i"ve always been inspiredthe loss i do regret and still i know redemptionfor you are better gone now you are set free

3. Follow

and i see nothing i can do would change this nowthis last caress i"ll cherish foreverif i could i would kiss all your tears awaythis emptiness can only bring sorrowif you leavei will followwherever you go i will be there for youi believe that our destines were entwinednow i see that my fate"s been decidedhow i hope that in some way you"ll remember mecan"t you see that i"d lay down my life for you

4. Clarity

one moment never told that i have seen nobilitymy life"s been moldedby that which was demonstrated for mei"ll not deny the truthof right and wrong set forth for meif i am half of this my simple pride will be releasednever believed, deceived by the foolishthe weak embody lieshere in lies the heart of this truthi know now what it"s wortha second chance at thisor reason to justify this gifta simple talk or two would let me feel more at easesix feet an earthen home in silencethe circle incomplete

5. Erase

don"t leave you said to meand for a moment i feared i"d staybut your plea rang hollow so i quietlywalked awayi can see you through the glassand i wonder was it done in vainnow i"d do anythingto simply make the pain go awayif you"d have me i"d take you back againand erase the mistakes i"ve madeif you"d have me i"d take you back againand add to the mistakes i"ve madei remember morning lightand a shower to clear my headeveryday a reminder of what a fool i"vebeenseemed when i left you i"d left everything i"dknownnow you have shown mei"m not the man i thought i wasi believed in youi had faith in youi was there for younow i"m lost in you

6. Shading

i"ve seen through the shadingand down to what"s withinreaching you will feel melost and aloneyou said i was what you were looking forso why do i feel so emptyand it seemed so realpulled from my grasp taken awayam i nothing in your eyesreaching out i feelyou were pulling away, never letting me ini am nothing in your eyesday in day out i see you live your life againa fool i stand here in waitingin letters words and picturesyou profess your love to meand to the last they were liesthe malice i should feel for you deceitfulnesssome how always escapes meand in the shadingbetween the words you said to mei know i"d be left empty


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Home To Me

once again i"ll call your nameyou"ll hear but not answerfoolish heart quakes with pain, mocking embracei push away longing, aching my company,wither decay, this empty inheritancelooking glass shattered eyes, bleeding so softlyselfishness hollow smile, cracks my foundationbleeding me dry, a foolish displayyou walk through my halls and you tear me downmasochist some would saybut you feel like home to mewinter mood illuminatesthese lasting impressions i elevatethis last thing i do regretfor you feel like home to mesilver tongue, crystal eyes, follow my piperfor my fear shield of lies, completing my failurenow my sins show the way, to lasting impressionsnot for get last of days, to where i will followfading colors you"ve shown meand your arms have led me far astrayyou feel like home to meyou were like home to me

8. One Belief

can not a man of modern dayfind truth in what he"s learnedof all the seventh days a wastea fool for all the lies i"ve prayed yet i"m strongi"ll place no blamealthough misled i"ve found the truththis one belief, strength for this mortal dancethis one truth, i feel i"ll be set freethis one faith, i know i"ll not falterthis one belief, i know i"ll be redeemedthe night once called to mean eloquent caress she offeredbut i"ll not make my bed with whoresand in the place she left a harder yet much truer thingand now by this i gauge the worldstrength for this mortal dancei feel i"ll be set freei know i"ll not falteri know i"ll be redeemed