The layer of the skin that offers a barrier against bacteria as well as chemical and also mechanical injuries is the?
Answer- synthesis of vitamin c-features include*maintenance of body temperature*defense of underlying issues*excretion of salts and wastes*provision of sensation
Water loss as a result of evaporation of liquid that has penetrated through the skin is termed ________ perspiration.

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Answer-contain boosted numbers of totally free nerve endings.What is true-*interaffix via the dermal papillae*cause ridge patterns on the surchallenge skin*create fads that are genetically determined*extend to the dermis
While walking barefoot on the beach, Joe stepped on a thorn that penetrated through the sole of his foot to the dermis. How many type of layers of epidermis did the thorn penetrate?
Answer-decreases in concentration within cells throughout expocertain to the sunWhat is true-*protects DNA front the damaging impacts of UV radiation*is produced by cells referred to as melanocytes*is generally some shade of brvery own or black*is created from the amino acid tryosine
The ________ in keratinocytes protects the epidermis and dermis from the harmful impacts of sunlight.
Answer-is normally geneticWhat is true-*prevented by sunlight*leads to skeletal deformity*prevented by vitamin D*leads to weak bones
Children in northern regions endure months of insufficient sunlight exposure on the skin. To proccasion possible abnormal bone advance, what essential organic nutrient is important in the diet?
A) promotes cell divisionB) stimulates keratin synthesisC) accelerates tworry repairD) increases glandular function
The layer of the skin that contains the blood vessels and also nerves that are closest to the surface of the skin is the ________ layer.

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The layer of the skin that consists of bundles of collagen and also elastic fibers responsible for the strength of the skin is the ________ layer.
While assessing a patient, you find that after pinching the skin on the ago of the hand also, it remains peaked. This is a sign of?
Answer- club hairs are ingrown hairswhat is true:*Terminal hairs are in the axilla*A terminal hair deserve to detach yet remajor in the hair follicle as a club hair*Eyebrows are terminal hairs*Vellus hairs are on the limbs of youngsters until puberty