Moses discovers that he is a Hebrew, having actually found his brother and sister Aaron and Miriam.He initially denies his identity as a Hebrew. However, Moses discovers Seti’s command… Read More 

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Moses now that you’re below, you can’t leave us againYou must remember(sung)Hush now, my babyBe still, love, don’t crySleep as you’re rocked by the stream(What are you singing?)Sleep and remember my last lullaby(I recognize that song...)So I’ll be with you when you dream(It can’t be. It can’t be!)Gleaming in the moonlightCool and clean and also all I've ever before knownAll I ever before wantedSweet perfumes of incenseGraceful rooms of alabaster stoneAll I ever before wantedThis is my homeWith my father, mommy, brotherOh so noble, oh so strongNow I am homeHere among my trappings and belongings I belongAnd if anybody doubts itThey couldn't be more wrong
I am still a soveregime prince of EgyptA kid of the proud background that's shownEtched right here on the wallSurely this is all I ever before wantedAll I ever wantedAll I ever–Yal-di ha-tov veh ha-rachAl ti-ra veh al tif-chadMy kid, I have actually nothing I have the right to giveBut this chance that you might liveI’ve remained in this room many times, but I’ve never before really looked at the images on the wall beforeAh. Yes. The HebrewsThese things–you did them!Sometimes one must execute thingsMake a bitter option that scars your soulThis I never before wantedPharaohs make decisionsI need to keep our kingdom safe and wholeNot simply what I wanted
(spoken)My son--Why would certainly you speak to me that?Moses!Glistening in the sunriseSee the river dancing greens and bluesAll I ever wantedNow the Nile is singingTelling of exactly how a lot it hurts to loseAll I ever wantedThis is your house, my sonHere the river brought youAnd it's here the river meantTo be your homeNow you recognize the truth, loveNow forobtain, and be contentWhen the gods send you a blessingYou don't ask why it was sent!
I am still a sovepower prince of EgyptA drop in the eternal stream that glowsFrom the gold calfNow I understand it’s all I ever before wantedAll I ever wantedAll I’ll ever before want
Moses discovers that he is a Hebrew, having found his brvarious other and sister Aaron and also Miriam.He initially denies his identity as a Hebrew. However, Moses discovers Seti’s command also to kill the Hebrews, and starts to doubt himself. Tuya pertains to reascertain him.


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