The Marauders decide to attempt mixing up the roughhouse. Image credit of Cartoon Network/Frederator.

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“Memories of Boom Boom Mountain”, is, at its core, around the method love and treatment shaped and also characterized Finn’s heroism. He can love punching evil monsters, but unbridled violence isn’t his first instinct. Instead, he’d like to save everybody happy and watch no one suffer, which is a delightful concept. (Of course, later seasons would show that such a suitable isn’t constantly possible, however we’re pleased and amoffered enough to check out it take place in the finale of this episode.)

One of my favorite points around Adventure Time’s approach is its interest in exploring masculinity. Traditionally macho behaviors are either modulated or are shown to have actually negative consequences on the civilization approximately Finn. Figuring out brand-new and also better methods of “being a man” instead cause solid relationships, and the exploration of truths that would certainly otherwise remajor covert amethod from him. Bringing cute pets and petting right into a roughresidence could be a really silly way of mixing up the masculinity conversation- however it incredibly a lot does mix things up regardless!

We’re ultimately clued in on a small of Finn and Jake’s family history right here, too. There’s a lot more to learn- a whooooole lot more- yet seeing daddy Joshua and also mommy Margaret instantly tells us the basics about our boys’ household life. They’re not just ideal friends, they’re brothers, and also they’ll always take care of each various other.

Production Thoughts and Insights

“I’M NAKED! YEE-HEE-HEE!”. Image crmodify of Cartoon Network/Frederator.

I proved my hand in the introduction, but I strongly feel “Memories of Boom Boom Mountain” is a high waternote for at an early stage Adventure Time. It tells a simple yet solid story rooted in Finn’s past (albeit silly) traumas, and also tells us more about his present outlook. The means that an easy roughhome spins out into complete chaos is perfectly escalated, type of the ultimate reinforming of “The Little Old Lady Who Swpermitted a Fly”. I will say that the incredibly very finishing is kind of weak, through the random and also not particularly funny joke about a dolphin falling in love through Jake, but it’s nitpicking.

Apart from that button, though, I think this episode is pretty fucking funny. It’s simple to love the starray visuals, prefer the duck and rat “boxing gloves” and also the horrifying mom fish. There’s some even more subtle and also clever stuff ceded by Jake, favor his astute monitoring that the Mountain has actually some weird hangups and also his admission that Finn still cries when he poops. The wild expose of all the world via problems, finishing in the Mountain screaming “What’s happening?”, is brilliant escalation and also never before fails to gain me laughing out loud even after multiple rewatches. BRILLIANT I SAY!

Random Conclusions

This Mountain has actually troubles. Image credit of Cartoon Network/Frederator.Favorite Part:

The little bit I just talked about, wright here everyone concerns Finn through their problems and also totally overwhelms him.

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MVP Award:

Both Finn and also Jake are pretty great in this one. I’ll give the crown to Finn, given that this is technically his story and I love the ideals that “Memories of Boom Boom Mountain” is all about.

Setups and Payoffs:

Doggy paleas Joshua and also Margaret deyet right here, and also through them, the long saga of Finn’s beginnings truly starts. We gain precious few facts in this episode, of course. I think this is likewise the first episode through AT’s tradenote “fake profanity”, as soon as the Mountain says “Spin me the math around!”

Adultiest Content:

After a streak of pretty clean episodes, this one has a few competitors for the dirty trophy. I think I’d have to suggest to the Mountain’s weird, weird hangups about males “with gorgeous bodies” wrestling, which might indicate anything from deep closeting to Jeffery Dahmer-style fantasies. Yikes.

Parting Shots:Mark 2 even more unique guests on the board: Thomas F. Wilboy and Matt L. Jones show up as the lead Marauder and the Mountain, respectively. Or, as you’d much better recognize them, Biff Tannen and Badger. Is it intend to say that it’s hard to think of them as unique guests? I also realized after the fact that Mark Hamill is technically the first guest prior to George Takei, yet I simply think of him as so much of a voice actor these days!When I was watching this my wife, and we obtained to the scene wright here the Marauders were petting each various other raw, she sighed and also said, “I don’t like that.” I watch her point.I did see the snail! Everypoint is best with the civilization again!