Usps Post Office Acton Tx Post Office Acton, Acton Post Office Location 76049

The Acton is located in Granbury, Texas. If you live in the area and need to obtain services related to receiving or sending mail, your TX post office can assist you. Representatives at the post office name can help you send and receive letters. They can also help you by holding your mail if you are traveling for an extended period of time and will not be in Granbury to receive your letters and packages.

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If you need to apply for a passport, the workers at the Acton may also be able to assist you. Post offices in Granbury and other parts of the country serve as passport application acceptance facilities. This means that you can go to the TX post office and apply for your travel credential. However, you can only apply at an office if you are a first-time applicant or if your most recent travel document was a child passport.

Where is the Acton located?

The post office name is located at 5561 N Gate RdGranbury, TX 76049. If you live near the office and have questions, you can go there and speak with a representative. You can also call this TX post office at You can call the Granbury post office location at 817-326-4088 (TTY: 877-889-2457). You can fax them at 817-326-2782.. The individual you speak with can also let you know if you need to schedule an appointment in order to obtain passport services at the Acton.

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This page provides details for the Acton post office located at 5561 N Gate Rd Granbury Texas 76049. Below you will find the post office phone number, hours of operations, what services they provide and other useful information to help you determine if this is the post office location you are looking for. The people working at this location should be able to assist you with things like changing your mailing address, assist in helping you file a claim for missing mail and sell office supplies like stamps, money orders and if available, PO boxes. If you plan to visit this Granbury post office in Texas, then we recommend you contact them first to verify their address and the services they provide, as this may have changed. It appears this office provides US passport services. Contact this location to see how you can apply for a new passport and if they offer photo services.

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Post Office Phone Numbers

You can call the Granbury post office location at 817-326-4088 (TTY: 877-889-2457). You can fax them at 817-326-2782.


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