According To The Normative Decision Theory, A Group Decision Style Should Be Used When:

​According to the normative decision theory, a group decision style should be used when:a. subordinates” goals are different from the organization”s goals.b. subordiantes” do not have enough information to make a decision themselvesc. subordinates are likely to disagree or end up in conflict over a decisiond. subordinates” acceptance of a decision is not important
Which of the following is a drawback of transactional leadership?a. transactional leaders never reward followers for good performanceb. transactional leaders often rely too heavily on discipline or threats to bring performance up to standards.c. transactional leaders have moral standards that put their interests before everyone else”s.d. transactional leaders never punish followers for poor performance
​Farah, a manager at Funmania Toys Inc., has complete control over the hiring and firing of employees in the company. She also has the authority to reward and punish employees for their work. This scenario illustrates that Farah has high levels of _____.a. position powerb. initiating structurec. instrumentalityd. task structure
​Relish Inc. is a famous fast food chain in the United States. However, increasing competition affected the company”s market. Nicholas Cain, the CEO of Relish, created an online forum for employees to share ideas about innovative methods to attract customers. The forum overflowed with new ideas. Subsequently, Nicholas conducted a meeting to discuss the ideas and also introduced a recipe customization counter that was a grand success. The company has now earned back its customer base. According to path-goal theory, this leadership style is called _____.a. supportive leadershipb. achievement-oriented leadershipc. participative leadershipd. directive leadership
Which of the following statements is true of directive leadership?a. it involves letting employee know precisely what is expected of themb. it involves being approachable and friendly to employeesc. it involves consulting employees for their suggestions and input before making decisions.d. it involves setting challenging goals and having high expectations of employees
​In the context of environmental contingencies, which of the following describes the formal authority system?a. it is the amount of emotional support that is provided by an employee”s immediate work groupb. it is an organization”s set of procedures, rules, and policies.c. it is the degree to which the requirement of a subordinate”s tasks are clearly specifiedd. it is a subordinate”s ability to perform his or her job well.

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​Mathew is a manager at Wonderworld Hypermarket. He finds it difficult to cooperate and work with Anthony when it comes to getting the work done to meet the sales targets. Anthony is Mathew”s least preferred subordinate. Mathew describes Anthony as gloomy, insincere, lazy, unfriendly, and boring when his boss asks for a feedback about his subordinates. In this scenario, Mathew is following a _____ leadership style.​a. relationship-orientedb. country clubc. task-orientedd. team management
Which of the following defines leadership?a. it is the process of influencing others to achieve group of organizational goals.b. it is the perceived fairness of the process used to make reward allocation decisions.c. it is process of changing behavior by changing the consequences that follow behaviord. it is the step taken by an organization to create employment opportunities for minorities.
​The employees of a company are self-centered and their individual goals do not align with the organization”s goals. The manager is concerned with decision making and has all the information required to make a decision. He believes that the decision need not require the employees” acceptance. In the context of the normative decision theory, which of the following decision-making styles should the manager use?a. AIb. CIc. CIId. GII
Which of the following is a trait difference between leaders and nonleaders?a. leaders exhibit overconfidence, while nonleaders exhibit self-confidenceb. leaders display more honesty and integrity than non leadersc. leaders are more introverted than nonleadersd. leaders are less tenacious, while nonleaders are more tenacious.

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