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Term What is the scientific method?
Definition A systematic, arranged series of steps that ensures maximum objectivity and consistency in relooking a trouble.

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Term What is an operational definition?
Definition An explanation around an abstract term that is specific sufficient to allow a researcher to assess the concept.
Term What is a hypothesis?
Definition A speculative statement about the relationship between two or even more variables.
Term What is a variable?
Definition A measurable trait or characteristic that is subject to adjust under different problems.
Term What is an independent variable?
Definition In a causal partnership that causes or impacts a readjust in a second variable.
Term What is a dependent variable?
Definition In a causal partnership that is subject to the influence of one more variable.
Term What is causal logic?
Definition Relationship in between a condition or variable and a specific consequence, via one occasion resulting in the various other.
Term What is a correlation?
Definition A relationship between two variables in which a change in one coincides via a adjust in the various other.
Term What is a sample?
Definition A selection from a larger populace that is statistically representative of that populace.
Term What is a random sample?
Definition A sample for which eexceptionally member of an entire population has the very same possibility of being schosen.
Term What is validity?
Definition The degree to which a measure or range truly reflects the phenomenon under study.
Term What is reliability?
Definition The degree to which a measure produces regular outcomes.
Term What is a control variable?
Definition A aspect that is hosted continuous to test the loved one impact of an independent variable.
Term What is a study design?
Definition A detailed plan or method for obtaining information scientifically.
Term What is a survey?
Definition A examine, mainly in the develop of an intercheck out or questionnaire, that provides researchers through information about just how human being think and also act.
Term What is quantitative research?
Definition Collects and also reports information primarily in numerical create.
Term What is qualitative research?
Definition Relies on what is checked out in area or naturalistic settings even more than on statistical data.
Term What is observation?
Definition A research study strategy in which an investigator collects information with direct participation and also by closely watching a team or neighborhood.
Term What is ethnography?
Definition The research of a whole social setting via extended methodical monitoring,
Term What is an experiment?
Definition An artificially produced situation that allows a researcher to manipulate variables.
Term What is an experimental group?
Definition The subjects in an experiment who are not introduced to the independent variable presented by a researcher.
Term What is a regulate group?
Definition The topics in an experiment that are not presented to the independent variable by the researcher.
Term What is the hawthorne effect?
Definition The unintended affect that observers of experiments deserve to have on their topics.
Term What is additional analysis?
Definition A selection of research techniques that make use of formerly built up and publicly obtainable information and data.
Term What is content analysis?
Definition The systematic coding and also objective recording data, guided by some rationale.
Term What is a code of ethics?
Definition The standards of acceptable habits arisen by and for members of a profession.
Term What is value neutrality?
Definition Max Weber"s term for objectivity of sociologists in the interpretation of information.
Term What s cross-tabulation?
Definition A table that reflects the relationship in between two or more variables.
Term What are the steps in the scientific method?
Definition 1. Defining the difficulty 2. Reviewing the literary works 3. formulating the hypothesis 4. picking the study design/collecting/analyzing data 5. arising the conclusion.
Term What are the most offered existing sources in sociological research?
Definition Census data.
Term What is validity
Definition Does a meacertain or range truly reflect what is being studied?
Term What is reliability?
Definition How a lot a measure produces regular results?
Term Who was Erving Goffman?
Definition Used content evaluation to see how advertisements in 1979 proved women as inferior to guys.

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Term Who was Joyce Ladner?
Definition Called attention to mainstream culture dealing with the lives of afrideserve to americans as a problem.