A Good File System Depends On Easy Retrieval Of Information, So It Is Important That _______.

A good file system depends on easy retrieval of information, so it is important that _______.a. All folders are the same color and brandb. All files are placed alphabetically in orderc. File labels are systematic and well organizedd. Forty-three files are used for organization

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A good file system depends on easy retrieval of information, so it is important that File labels are systematic and well organized.

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Stopping distance of vehicles : When brakes are applied to a moving vehicle, the distance it travels before stopping is called stopping distance. It is an important factor for road safety and depends on the initial velocity ( v 0 ) and the braking capacity, or deceleration, ?a that is caused by the braking. A car travelling at speed 72km/hr suddenly applies the brake with the deceleration of 5m/s2. Find the stopping distance of the car


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Using colours and symbols is an intelligent way of providing information. It helps cartographers to make beautiful and easy-to-read maps.
……… is not covered under file management. (a) Secure files (b) Easy access to files (c) Schedule processes (d) Keep backup of files

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You and nine other individuals have been captured by super intelligent alien overlords. The aliens think humans look quite tasty, but their civilization forbids eating highly logical and cooperative beings. Unfortunately, they”re not sure whether you qualify, so they decide to give you all a test. Through its universal translator, the alien guarding you tells you the following: You will be placed in a single-file line facing forward in size order so that each of you can see everyone lined up ahead of you. You will not be able to look behind you or step out of line. Each of you will have either a black or a white hat on your head assigned randomly, and I won”t tell you how many of each color there are.When I say to begin, each of you must guess the color of your hat starting with the perso
I have a foot, yet no legs. I have a house yet no furniture. I choose to be on the move, but moving isn”t so easy. What am I?
I am present on a winter”s day, Surprise me and I am taken away. The faster you run, the harder I am to catch, Try all you can, I am not easy to snatch. I am always with you, somewhere in the background, You wouldn”t know it though, for I hardly make a sound. Keep your head cool and you will finally see, That I am inside you. What could I be?
The river system which depends more on melting of snow for its water supply is the (a) Ganga (b) Indus (c) Godavari (d) Brahmaputra
My brother has always been the adventurous type. Unlike me, a high ranking government official, my dear brother avoids politics whenever possible, choosing to pursue more dangerous interests. In fact, my brother has many enemies —– enemies who have tried to kill him by gun, knife, drowning, poison dart, strangulation, and by trying to infect him with a deadly disease. His life has been threatened by a vicious killer dog, a deadly poisonous snake, and a very large rat. To top it all off, my brother is a drug addict. Even his partner, who has some medical knowledge, has been unsuccessful in freeing him from this addiction. So, with all of this information, can you state my name and the name of my brother?
If someone were to write a biography about us, the following could be reported: #1 – Every basketball player needs a good one. #2 – we can be seen on most Christmas trees. #3 – One of us is a famous Captain. #4 – We are often delivered in square rings. #5 – We often accompany a line and a sinker. Based on the biographical information above — Who/what are we?
It is something people wake to every day. Simple and easy, in a gradual way. You will crave and desire, That which water cannot provide. And which other drinks try to hide. It brings people together this is true, But it will make a dependent of you. What is it?
Something that requires our mental skill to decode it, our imagination to understand it, our knowledge is tested to its max, it confuses us at every stage, it seems easy yet difficult, only those who are used to, will get through. What is it?

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