What To Do When Recovering From A Breakup: 90 Days No Contact ?

In almost all ex back cases where a man wants a woman back, he won’t get her back if he waits 90 days to contact her.

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Here are 13 reasons why:

1. Cutting off contact for 90 days won’t guarantee that you’ll stop thinking about her or missing her

Most guys who use no contact spend most of the time missing their ex girlfriend, worrying about her moving on and counting down the days until they can contact her.

Yet, in most cases, the guy will contact his ex girlfriend and she either won’t respond, or will tell him that she has moved on and is happy without him now.

So, when the 90 days are up and you’re still missing your ex girlfriend, but she has been moving on without you (e.g. dating new men, or enjoying single life), what will you have achieved?


You will have simply wasted a lot of time waiting around for her, while she’s had months to get over you.

If you don’t want to lose her and are serious about getting her back, then I highly recommend that you avoid wasting time with the no contact rule.

Instead, use an approach that works on women (i.e. contact with her, re-attract her and seduce her back into a relationship now), rather than wasting months of your life and ending up losing her anyway.

2. If a woman doesn’t hear from her ex within a couple of weeks, she usually assumes that he is moving on, so she does too


In most cases, a woman doesn’t have much motivation to get back with her ex after a breakup, or to contact him if he’s not contacting her because:

She no longer feels attracted to him, so focuses on meeting new men who make her feel attracted.She still remembers the reasons she broke up with him (e.g. he lacked confidence and assertiveness, she didn’t feel desirable around him anymore and felt more like a friend, he was too insecure, he was selfish when it came to love, or was too giving to the point of seeming desperate to her), so she feels like she’d be better of finding a new guy instead. He could change her mind about that if he interacted with her and re-attracted her (i.e. based on the changes he’s made to himself), but he’s gone no contact and is hoping that it will make her forget the problems they had and come running back to him.She worries that if she contacts him when he has moved on, he might then reject her by saying something like, “I’ve met someone else and I’m happy with her. I hope you are doing well. All the best.” So, she avoids contacting him to prevent herself from being rejected, or feeling like the one who got dumped and left behind.

3. Most women can easily line up dates via dating apps


Many women know about the no contact rule, because it’s a rule that was designed for women to be able to get over, or get away from men.

It wasn’t actually designed to get a woman back.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys don’t know that and end up using it in the hope that it will make their ex girlfriend come running back.

Yet, if a woman knows about the rule and believes that her ex has ‘gone no contact’ as a way of punishing her, or trying to make her miss him and want him back, it will end up backfiring on him.

To counter his attempt to make her regret dumping him, she will become more closed off, stubborn or cold if he tries to contact her, which then makes it more difficult to get her back.

She might even block him as a way of punishing him, for what she sees as an immature attempt to get her back.

Most guys don’t realize that until it’s too late.

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Don’t be one of those guys.

If you want her back, be a man about it by taking control of the situation.

Re-attract her, so she actually has a reason to get back with you now, rather than waiting around and hoping that she comes running back one day.

12. Most women are passive, rather than assertive when it comes to dating and relationships

A woman will usually just go with how she feels (i.e. if she feels attracted, she will usually open up to the guy. If she doesn’t feel attracted, she will close up), which is why many men easily get their ex girlfriend back by re-attracting her.

Additionally, rather than leading a guy back into a relationship, a woman will usually just follow along with the dynamic that he is creating.

For example: If he ignores her, she might initially feel sad or rejected, but she won’t start chasing him.

Instead, she will wait to see what he does and if he doesn’t contact her and make something happen, she will begin to let go and open up to new men.

Then, if another guy attracts her, she will follow her feelings right into his arms and forget about her ex.

13. The No Contact Rule was originally designed to help couples get over each other and move on, not get back together

The No Contact Rule was originally recommended by relationship counselors, therapists and psychologists as a way for a couple to create space, so they can figure out what they really want or get over each other.

It was also used as a way for women to get away from controlling, needy or possessive men who wouldn’t let her leave the relationship.

It was never meant to be used as a strategy for a man to get a woman back after a breakup.

So, the no contact rule rarely works for men who want to get a woman back.

Instead, the woman gets over her ex and moves on.

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