88-98 Chevy Front End Conversion ? 03+ Swap To 88

Has anyone on here done this conversion? If so how hard is it to do or is it pretty much bolt on if I buy the whole doghouse?Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


I have read a bit on it in the past. It is far from a bolt on and it requires a truly skilled bodyman to get it right.

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Generally these kinds of swaps look tacked-on. Someone spent a lot of time and effort on that one, especially note where the 03-07 fender has the 88-98 lower body line. That”s stitching the two fenders together. It appears to be missing the upper body line, though, which is sore-thumbish IMO.The cowl area looks weird, possibly hand made, notice the slots in it for the hood hinge to clear and no slats for fresh air intake for the HVAC.They did a nice job on this one but still far from covering all the bases. I”d say if you want that front end…buy that generation of truck. It”ll look right, cost less, and then you already have the other goodies like LS engine and such.


Of course I could be biased, since I finally fell off the brianowens.tv wagon and bought something that came with an LQ9 to start with instead of doing a swap.Richard


My biggest pet peeve with these cross-generational swaps is the wheel openings. That black truck is soooo close to being pretty sweet. You can tell they spent time trying to get it right, but in the end they missed on one glaring detail…the wheel openings don”t match front-to-rear. That ruins the whole deal for me.

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The vehicle posted is what I would one of the lesser well done swaps. It”s very body work intensive to make it turn out right.

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Only brianowens.tv I like With the newer front ends would be the 2dr tahoes. But like 1badgmc said fenders need to match front to back. I agree with someotherguy if you like that front end just get a newer truck. Imo.


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