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“So we ordered take out for my dads birthday and although I wrote a evaluation a year back..I had to create one more review about their take out. We live in Mount Vernon so it's not a…” more


“Went below for the first time yesterday after going to the Bronx Zoo and also I was excited to try something kbrand-new especially after analysis the reviews. I ordered the pasta pesto via a…” more

“I've been coming below for a few years now. The business is always great, relatively quick and also the food is continual. I would recommfinish though keeping your order…” more

“Great setting, delicious food, nice decor. Owner is incredibly personable. I would certainly absolutely recommend this restaurant.” more

“We celebrated my father's birthday at Maria Restaurant and it was such a wonderful time. The organization was courteous and attentive, and also the food was impressive. We…” more

“The veal parmigiana was perfect. The veal nicely crisped and also via delightcompletely pleasant Italian seasoning. Perfectly cheesed and also proportionally so. It was big…” more

“It's not on the menu so make certain you ask for the coconut rum cake for dessert. You will certainly not be disappointed” more

“Came here through my bf last night and it was such a cute spot in New Ro. Almeans heard good things around this spot and was so excited to try it out. The staff…” more

“I was born and increased in South Korea and also their food reminds me of house, I think that tells enough” more

“Came here for UFC night and have been coming here whenever I go to this movie theater and I have to say typically I never have to wait much longer than 20 minutes for a…” more

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“My friends and also I dined below once we saw New Rochelle. The location is spacious and also the inner is homey and also well lit, with an inviting setting. The menu…” more

“Stopped in for the initially time this particular day through my boyfriend. And i need to say we are truely satisfied.. I obtained a bacon cheeseburger through fries and also he acquired pernil through rice and also beans.. Both…” more