30-378 Weatherby Vs 338 Lapua, Can Someone Explain The Practical Use Of The 30

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I was wondering what your opinion is on the two listed above. My dad has a 30-378, he would like to change to a 338L. That rifle will be used for hunting (Elk, deer etc etc). He would like something that will reach out and put the “smack down” on a animal/steel. How do you think the 30-378 stacks up to the 338L in ballistics? Some people we have talked to think the 30-378 is better than the 338L. Something else I like about the 338L is if you want to go shoot 1500yards on steel you can… Anyway what is your opinion the the two rifles?My main question is, does the 30-378 beat the 338L in any category besides speed?Thanks,Rhett
Re: 30-378 Weatherby VS 338LI had a Sako TRG-S in 338 Lapua. This is a hunting rifle, not tactical. I shot one deer with it. A second shot was not needed.Shooting a hunting weight rifle in 338 Lapua is not a fun experience (mine had no muzzle brake or recoil pad). I don”t think it is much worse than the 30-378, but have no personal experience. There is nothing the 30-378 will do the 338 can”t. Factory ammo prices are outrageous either way and although you could more easily find 30-378 at Cabela”s or Bass Pro, your option is only Weatherby ammo. They probably cost about the same to reload.The biggest knock on the 30-378 is barrel life (


Re: 30-378 Weatherby VS 338L338LM-more like 3500 rounds or more. Not the burner that a 30 cal big magnum is. But either is going to hammer anything in the deer family. Short of big mule deer or elk, a 338LM is at least IMO, overkill-there is going to be a lot of meat loss. 30-378 is no slouch-that”s alot of energy. 338LM kicks more and is more of a tactical rifle than a hunting rifle,although barnes has quite a few excellent hunting bullets for 338.The 30-378 can”t do anything a 338LM can”t.

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Re: 30-378 Weatherby VS 338LIf you already have .30-378 brass and an action, why not look at barreling/chambering for the .338-378 Weatherby? See current Nosler manual for reloading information (or for a comparison with the .338 Lapua).


Re: 30-378 Weatherby VS 338LThanks for the info guys. Another thing I would like to add, my dad isn”t scared to pack a 15 pound rifle. The rifle he is looking at in 338L is the Remington 700P.

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Re: 30-378 Weatherby VS 338LI have shot both and own the 30-378. I”ll give the 338 its do, but either way you will have one hell of a slayer. Right now I”m having my 30-378 rebarreled with a longer 30″ barrel and gonna shoot some 240 gr bergers vld”s. I love the 30-378 though and look forward to some real long range hunting.


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