What deserve to I perform to fix this, and also exactly how a lot will it price me. I revolve it on max ac and it blows heat air. Then max warmth it gets super hot quick.

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I was going via this yesterday with my 2008 LX, so I still have it rather memorized. It's had actually intermittent A/C for the previous few months. I live in Houston so if I can't acquire it fixed by next month, I'm in for a really uncomfortable summer. The A/C functions much even more frequently than not, making it hard to pin down the specific difficulty. I'm not certain how much the LX and Si vary...

Warning! Not mechanic!Before going to all the hassle of an expensive recharge, there's a couple of things you deserve to verify yourself.

Restart the engine (once it's cold) and also revolve the A/C on and also off through the cabin blower fan at its lowest setting (but not off). If the radiator fans likewise come on and also off (you need to have the ability to hear them from the cabin), it's supposed to still have refrigerant in the system...according to various amateur 8thpublic forum threads.

When cycling the A/C on and also off, perform you hear a click? Check and view if your A/C compressor clutch is engaging. You can check out it in the engine bay being run by the accessory drive belt. If the finish of it isn't spinning as soon as you revolve the A/C on and also off, then your compressor clutch may be the problem.

Engine off, make sure the wiring connections to the A/C compressor aren't all messed up or unplugged or corroded away.

Engine off, in the underhood fuse box, (trapezoid shaped box in the top appropriate edge ) tright here are 2 points to examine...Using the underside of the fuse box lid as a guide, look for a large black rectangular relay that is marked by a snowflake symbol. Turn engine off, swap among the various other identical relays with this one and restart the automobile and also try to get the compressor to click on. I bought a new replacement relay digital and also I probably didn't need to...if you're handy via a multimeter you have the right to probably test it yourself (I have actually not bothered to do this yet)

If that doesn't occupational, examine fuse # 20 in the exact same underhood fuse box. It's a little 7.5 amp fusage. There's a collection of pliers in the underside of the fusage box lid you can use to get it out, along with a couple of spares. I replaced mine via one of the spares and also it appears to be working...for currently. The fuse I removed had discolored connectors, yet wasn't burned or broken.

Swapping out fprovides and also relays to gain things to job-related is poor maintenance; they may result in bigger and more expensive problems. Tonight, in the dwindling daylight, I'm going to dig roughly in the engine bay for ground relations and also make certain whatever is secure. Also, my battery is primitive garbage that can go any kind of day now. Perhaps it have the right to cause fritziness.

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If namong this stuff seems to execute anypoint, your air conditioning compressor may be toast. This happens, it's not exactly a life-time part. If this is the instance, it'll price you $$$ and the A/C system will certainly need to be emptied and also recharged anyway. A brand-new compressor runs $200-300, and the labor to do the project may be an additional $300-400. :(

Some forums and Youtube videos will indicate that you have the right to jump your compressor on and also off (to at least verify that it functions and also engages) by sticking a paperclip or multimeter leads into miscellaneous areas in the fuse box. I wasn't planning on doing this, however if you're confident or desperate, there's a few 8thcivic threads that have the right to highlight it.