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← PreviousNext off →Randumb Fact #6: For Halloween in 1988, then-Presidential candiday (and also VP) George H.W. Shrub dressed as himself! He wore a Bush mask and every little thing.

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T-minus 12 days till HALLOWEEN! I always loved Halloween and also the concept of the holiday itself. The idea that, for that sooner or later, it was socially acceptable to be wearing a costume and asking people for candy. It’s been a while considering that I’ve REALLY celebrated Halloween, and also by REALLY celebrating it, I mean going all out and also going trick-or-dealing with via my friends, yet neverthemuch less, the heart of Halloween is still in me and I hope it’s the exact same via all of you guys out there too!

When I initially check out this truth, it automatically carried ago the memories of my previous Halloweens. In my elementary and middle institutions, we were permitted to wear our costumes to school and at the end of the day, tright here would be a big Halloween Parade wright here our parents would certainly concerned take photos as we all walked approximately in a huge circle in our costumes. All of my friends had nice costumes, to princesses, to Star Wars personalities, to ghosts, but among my friends never fairesulted in make us laugh via his costume: George Bush. All you might check out was a little guy walking in via a George Bush mask and suit saying “Vote for Me!” At the time, it didn’t seem choose such a big deal, it was simply an additional Halloween costume. But now that I look at it currently, I see exactly how a lot of influence political figures can have actually, not simply in the political sector, however in the consumer people also.

When you think of political candidays, you tfinish to think around their ideas and also their goals to change this country for what they see as “better,” however nowadays, national politics has branched out completely. Besides going to miscellaneous communities and meeting through “the human being,” political numbers are trying to make themselves noticed in society via the one market that eincredibly Amerihave the right to is a component of: the customer sector. They put their encounters on t-shirts and coffee mugs, and have actually life dimension cut outs of themselves. I expect, I love Obama as a person, however I would certainly not favor to wake up eextremely morning to a carboard reduced out of his staring back at me, yet hey, that’s simply me. The fact that political figures have actually made their way in the children’s market through Halloween costumes mirrors me exactly how politics these days, aren’t limited to news networks and also Washington D.C., however quite, they are discovered virtually everywhere.

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