Preach (EP)


Preach (EP)


"I spoke directly from my heart with these tunes. So much of the music that inspires me is about something - I really wanted to go to the line with myself, to challenge and preach to myself in areas where I know I can do better. I wanted to make a record that really convicted people to think - to act." - Brian Owens

1) Preach
2) You've Heard it Said Part 1
3) Don't Worry
4) Let the People Say Amen

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Executive producer, Mo Jones Music Group, Destin 2B1 Records
produced by Brian Owens
co-produced by Tony Esterly and Victor Broden

Brian Owens, vocals
Rob Woodie, background vocals

Wes Little, drums, congas, tambourine
Michael Hicks, piano, rhodes, B3
Tony Esterly, guitar, piano (t4), background vocals (t1)
Victor Broden, bass, background vocals (t1)
Luke Arens, background vocals (t1)

Funky Butt Brass Band Horn Section
Aaron Chandler, trombone
Adam Hucke, trumpet
Ben Reese, tenor sax, flute

Adam Maness, string arrangements

Recording Engineer, Chris Mara, welcome to 1979
Recording Engineer, Luke Arens, shock city studios
Mixing Engineer, Tony Esterly
Production Assistant, Luke Arens
Mastered by Blue Jade Audio

Recorded at Welcome to 1979 Studios in Nashville, TN
and Shock City Studios in St. Louis, MO